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  2. I found a 2008 XC-W for 3600 with both dirt and supermoto set up. It has around 170 hrs on it. Is the price right? is that to many hours? Please advise.
  3. ericyzf4

    Going to ride Europe!

    as I said earlier I spent 13 years there. I would take the FZ. It will be a better all around bike. You can do longer trips, to the alps, Austria, etc. Not very doable on a supermoto. There are a few tracks near you. Hochenheim (30 min) and Nurburgring (90 min) both are awesome tracks. You will thave he A1 autobahn literally out your back door, alot of it is limited to 120 - 150 km about 75 - 90 mph, (mostly ignored) that will have a supermoto screaming! Nurburgring has two tracks, the actual GP track and then Nordshcleife (north loop) a 1920's LeMans track that has been rebuilt and you can pay and do a lap (12 miles) without any special licenses. http://www.nuerburgring.de/en/ueberuns/streckeninformationen/nordschleife.html Supermoto (supermotard) is way bigger there than here, but you can see and enjoy so much more on a bigger, sport bike. I KNOW, TAKE BOTH!, If you take the 450, do all conversions and licensing before you ship it, or you will catch hell getting ir done.
  4. ericyzf4

    Going to ride Europe!

    I lived there for 13 years. Seperated from the military and stayed there just because of the riding. I logged over 160,000 miles on bikes there. The riding is phenominal!
  5. ericyzf4

    Made in the USA DRZ petcock

    I also used a Yamaha petcock (TTR). It fits the tank, but had to modify the lever to clear the tank edge. Now the fuel line interfers with the choke knob. I ordered one from BFR 'cause it looks like it sits about an inch lower than the Yamaha tap (which should be perfect) and is abour $70.00 cheaper than a straight down one from an earlier KLX like I wanted. The OEM vacume fed one on my wifes bike failed, luckily near home. Still not fun
  6. ericyzf4

    A moral Dilemma....

    It is tragic that an individual passes away and I know first hand how difficult it is when someone dies in front of you whether they are known to you or not. Having said that, I have not been without a bike a day of my life since I was 12, I am now 41. Some friends were over for dinner and he wanted to get a bike so we were talking about it and I was making some suggestions and offering to help get him started, even letting him try a couple of my bikes, after he completed a MSF course, to see what type he liked. She piped in "MY HUSBAND WILL NEVER OWN A BIKE!" when asked why she knew someone that had died on one. After offering condolence I asked how close she was to the person who had died, she responded that she only new the person by sight, and never spoken to him. I asked if she had ever known anyone who died in a car accident, she replied of course, my best friend from school died in collision when we were seniors. Oh... do you still drive a car? I asked. They left about 3 minutes later. In short. You don't stop bathing because someone drowns, you don't stop eating because someone chokes on a chicken bone. If you love riding, get your wife involved, attend an MSF course together, get her a 4 wheeler and take her trail riding, maybe she will like it as much as you if she experiences it from the saddle.
  7. ericyzf4

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Glasssandwich-- Where did you get your graphics, and what seat is that? I would like the graphics in yellow and black.
  8. ericyzf4

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Conti tires, 39 rear sprocket, 108 chain, ditched mirrors, CR tall bars, edge tail light, with LED blinkers, handqaurds with blinkers intergrated, steal brake lines front and rear. That is all I could get done in a day. I have 434 BB, hot cams, FCR and new clutch on the shelf for when I get a long weekend and my wife has nothing planned for me. I am selling my Honda 919 to concentrate on my DRZ sm!
  9. ericyzf4

    Big bore update !!

    double check timing.
  10. ericyzf4

    What to do!

    Thanks for the input. I am keeping the bikes I already have. I have a 434 BB, Hot cams, and FCR on the shelf, for the DRZ. That should keep me busy for a weekend this winter.
  11. ericyzf4

    DRZ turn signals?

    Check local/state traffic codes. Some states do not require turn signals (Missouri does not) You just have to use hand and arm signals to signal your intentions.
  12. ericyzf4

    What to do!

    I currently have 2 bikes. One a 2006 DRZ 400sm with a full Ti Akrapovic system, 3x3, K&N, jet kit. 4,000 miles My other bike is a Honda 919 with Progressive rear shock, F4i forks, Yoshimura slip ons, and K&N filter. 18,000 miles There is a person who wants to trade straight up, my two bikes for his 2009 Aprilia Dorsoduro with Leo Vince exhaust. 1600 miles What should I do? I have no issues parting with the 919 but don't really want to give up the DRZ. But I would be gaining one Bad Ass bike.
  13. ericyzf4

    Where to buy Lucas Oil?

    Autozone and O'reilly
  14. ericyzf4

    Diesel powered

    We use them as "scout" vehicles. fairly light weight and manuvereable, they can get and out of places that are to tight or rough for larger vehicles and when a large distance needs to be covered quicker than on foot. Diesel power is used because pratically all vehicles and equipment used in any combat situation is powered by diesel or some form of. Motorcycles and even four wheelers have been in use by us (the AF) since I joined 22 years ago. I have used them in Africa, South America, Europe, South East Asia, and N. America.
  15. ericyzf4

    Which FCR?

    Both have removable intake bell