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  1. well i started workin on my 92 kx250 today i picked up with no airbox a champion incorrect spark plug a busted rear caliper and kickstart spring is shot and kickstart gear slips sometimes<busted my ankle kickin it today>. i threw in a new r6254e9 plug push started it and ran it. i noticed my old rubber holder is cracked to ****. i won a 00 carb holder and reed cage with reeds for cheap will these fit without any problems? should i use the newer reed cage? i also noticed water was ****ing from my overflow hose when it was idling then stopped im thinking maybe head gasket? water pump? Bikes going in for a top end rebuild and cleaning july 10th i wanna get it running and fix whatever i can before it goes in for that. if anyone has a good kickstart assembly or i can send mine to one of you that would be great. Until then i guess ill be riding my blaster in the woods only since i cant push start the kx in the street. PLease help asap
  2. 93Kx250RIDA

    1992 KX250 Airbox - Is mine modded?

    i have them also on my 92
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i cracked one of my cases, the case the clutch cover screws into near the top of the kickstarter. I cant find one on ebay can a newer one fit? the older ones look almsot similar but the part where the hose goes is too long. also what other year rear brakes can i use? also im thinking of switching my forks and front rim to a newer model is this hard to accomplish and is it worth it?? Thanks guys
  4. 93Kx250RIDA

    Hello , I have a few questions...1992 kx 250

    replaced the leaky gaskets and fixed put the kickstarter back on its gear. i will see tomorrow what happens i ran it the other day and realised the leaky gaskets, clutch cover and the case`below it. i ran it for about 15 minutes and the oil stayed red so i suppose there is no more water leak. the kid i got the bike from was an idiot and tried fixing the kickstarter and ruined all the gaskets in the process. i still need the part the air filter sits on. hope it starts tomorrow with no problems! sanded the frame and painted it along with the plastics also. if all is well i am gonna try and figure out my brake problem, i tried bleeding them and it gets stiff and then loses all the fluid from the caliper. also how doi go about cleaning the power valve? i was thinking of getting some new boyeson reeds? i never took the side apart but before but everything seemed to go together tightly. were is the idle ajust screw? its the big gold one right? mine seemes to be stripped or stuck. thanks you guys are very helpful
  5. 93Kx250RIDA

    Hello , I have a few questions...1992 kx 250

    Wow thanks for the replies i live on long island. I wish i knew someone locally! Was the 93 kips system better? Couldnt i just swap the head? i guess you can call the bike a "project" i just got it for 600.00 new carb, new tires, new excel rims, renthal bars and sprocket, acerbis hand gaurds, no air filter bad rear brakes. The motor is Mint condition i think besides the leaky clutch cover gasket that i replaced yesterday. I figured 600.00 was a good price for this bike what do you think? Anyone know how much they will hit me for front and rear shock rebuild? only asked about a newer rear shock i figured if i got a newer model one and rebuilt it it would be better. I was thinking of getting the race tech fork kit is that one better? Also should i dump money into this bike or sell it and save up for a newer cr250 or yz 250?
  6. These will probably get me flamed but.... 1 What is the KIPS do i know its some kind of reed system? 2 im new to Kawasaki This is my first dirtbike also i have had 3 Yamaha Blasters and have worked them out a bit so i know my fair share of 2 stroke things. 3.How is the bike i just purchased overall? Its a 92 KX-250 4. The suspension feels kind of soft compared to my buddys 99 cr 250r and my blaster, also how does my bike fare against his bike? 5.i bought the bike for a reasonalbe price and i am not sure if its a 93 or a 92 but here are the problems i got it with 1. Has to be pushed to start , kick lever wont work? 2. when i got the bike it had like white milky stuff in the oil and the clutch gasket was leaking , so i got some for a gasket and a oem gasket and replaced it today. now i am waiting for it to dry so i can throw some fresh honda HP trans oil in there. 3. The back brakes dont work the pedal just moves freely and it does not clamp at all there also is no fluid in the line.... 6. Can i use a newer year rear shock? like i said i dont know much about dirt bikes and such but any help would be appreciated. Also the bike looks like it was a good year