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  1. Gketell....How much do you want to spend on one?
  2. I had one of those tyres....very good in the rain I must say
  3. It now takes me about 15mins to get a carb out a DRZ...Its easy
  4. Ha ha love the picture...She fell over she fell over...I bet you wont do that again in a hurry!!! I must say you look a bit out of your depth mate!! The Famous Mellow Yellow
  5. Maxpower...were you bullied at school?? you have a lot of anger my friend. I suggest you take a chill pill......LMFAO
  6. Looks like a couple of clowns riding those bikes!!! shoot a proper video then post it up here....In all fairness a CRF should smash th e granny out of a DRZ.I have a DRZ so I aint being bias
  7. He is in the UK so $ means nothing to him!!
  8. At what stage do I pay the import tax?
  9. How can I get a yoshi RS-3? I only want a slip on system for now. CAn I use my exsiting heat shield? Do you know nayone in the US that ships to the UK? Is it the RS-3 titanium or stainless steel that comes with the insert?
  10. Someone tell me a website who ships to the uk so I can buy a yoshi..can the noise be reduced on these?
  12. I was thinking of getting a leo vince pipe...any thoughts?
  13. Can u get a insert to make the akro quiter
  14. I bet it does aswell. I want to know why some DRZs have that noise and some dont...Has anyone found what this noise is?? I was going to get the suzuki Rep from Suzuki GB to come down to my local dealers and listen to mine.....Does it bother you guys much?
  15. Yes headmaster it sounds exactly like that....What pipe have you got on yours? mine is not as loud as your noise though. Have you had yours checked out? I find some DRZs do it and some dont....wonder if theres a reason for that..