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  1. heath culbertson

    supercross on tv?

    i thought speed channel was showing the 450 s today .*** .its not on. i saw the lites this morning. anybody know when it will be aired?
  2. heath culbertson

    pastrana in baja 1000

    they said he only had a few hours left to the finish when his bike gave up.it was still turning over but would not start.i like the part when godfrey was passed (by inches)by a trophy truck at about 100 mph!and then his light goes out while still going 100 mph!holy skidplates!
  3. heath culbertson

    pastrana in baja 1000

    did anybody see the travis pastrana baja 1000 show on fuel tv?he was riding a drz 400.he was really haulin on it.he made it like 800 miles when his bike quit while he was going thru a deep sand wash.anybody know why his bike quit?i was curious what mods were done to his bike.greg godfrey finished the race!i think he was on a xr 650.to do this race all alone is nuts!gotta hand it to these guys.
  4. heath culbertson

    steahly flywheel weight

    i got a 03 yz 250 that i am putting on a 13 oz steahly fww.it screws on in place of the stock nut on the crankshaft.it also has 4 set screws on the outside diameter that keep it from coming loose.the instructions provided does not recommend using loctite on the set screws.i called them and asked about using loctite on the set screws and the crank threads.they said no because it would be difficult to remove.i use loctite on a lot of fasteners with no problems removing them.i am thinking of torquing it on and marking the set screw locations.then remove and file small flats where the set screws are so it can not come loose even if the set screws loosen a bit .then reinstall with loctite on crank threads and loctite on set screws.i just dont want to have to check it often like the instructions say.i plan on leaving it on for good.anybody have any input on this? thanks
  5. heath culbertson

    Motorbikes vs animals what are your expiriences?

    i was on my cr 250 and realized too late i was about to collide with a kid on an atc 110 3 wheeler.the trails crossed at 90 degrees.i locked up brakes and slid side ways right into him. i flew over him and landed in a sticker patch.it hurt .the poor kid was crying and his headlight was dangling from the wire.he had a flat tire.my bike was ok.i limped home.i hope he made it home ok.i felt bad even though it was nobodys fault.
  6. heath culbertson

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    thanks carver.i pulled carb.it had 168 main ,50 pilot and stock needle set at 4th groove down.i dont know what he was thinking.i think i will go with 175 main, 48 pilot and stock needle at 2nd groove down. around 1000 feet altitude.does this sound about right? thanks heath
  7. heath culbertson

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    i have a 03 yz 250.i just got it used.i have rode it for about 1 hour and the jetting seemed a little rich with all the spooge on the swingarm but it ran ok.compression feels good,recent topend.plug was oily.i went ahead and checked my timing with my dial indicator.crank bearings felt tight! it was at .010 btdc.i adjusted it to .002 btdc for a smoother hit.i went to test ride and it fired right up.let it run with choke on for 20 seconds or so ,choke off and it bogs and dies.couldnt restart. i need to check plug.probably fouled.does jetting change with the timing mod?i need to pull carb and check jet sizes. thanks heath
  8. heath culbertson

    cracked motor mounts

    i just got a 03 yz 250.i noticed the lower motor mount tabs on the frame are cracked.i should look closely at the rest of the frame.how could this happen?is this a common problem? thanks
  9. heath culbertson

    # 100 pilot air jet size

    thanks eddie!
  10. i am having trouble finding a #100 pilot air jet.i have a 04 drz 400e with 3 x 3 mod and jd jet kit.i am removing coast enricher and need #100 paj.can anyone tell me what size hole is in a # 100 paj so i can just drill out my stock one.any help is appreciated. thanks
  11. heath culbertson

    cam chain

    i count 7 threads exposed with tt mcct
  12. heath culbertson

    cam chain

    i am afraid a stretched chain may break.does this happen often? thanks everyone
  13. heath culbertson

    cam chain

    about 40 or so hours before mcct.not sure if guides are worn.have not looked yet.if i replace chain should i also replace sprockets?i was hoping someone with a pair of calipers could measure their new chain length of 15 links so i could get an idea of how bad it may be stretched.just looking for peace of mind.i know peace of mind would be a new chain but i am cheap and lazy! thanks
  14. heath culbertson

    cam chain

    i think i may have overtightened my mcct.i have rode the bike about 100 hours after i installed the TT mcct.i followed the written instructions(fingertight then 1\4 out).went to check it the other day and it went in another turn fingertight.the chain has stretched and or the guides are worn.did the rattle test with bike running and seems to be the same as finger tightening.how can i tell if the chain is stretched too much.can anybody tell me how long 15 links should measure.also if i replace chain should i replace sprockets? thanks for any help
  15. heath culbertson

    will dr 350 wheels fit drz400e ?

    there is a set of dr 350 wheels on ebay.can they fit drz 400e(s)? anybody know about this?