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  1. Is that from the top or the bottom of the needle?
  2. that is correct
  3. yes it dies
  4. yes, it seems to
  5. bump bump
  6. worse with heat
  7. bump bump
  8. Not sure what you mean by "surge better or worse with head" No I dont ride with the choke, it is just a observation.
  9. 06 DRZ SM. Mods are: 440 big bore, stage 2 hot cams, yosh rs3 full system, valves from Ron Hamp, 3X3 mod, and fcr carb with the following jetting: 200 main air jet 155 main jet 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet EMN needle on clip 3 Fuel screw is 2.5 turns out Bike seems a little down on power considering the mods. It surges at steady throttle on the highway. When I come to a stop the idle is fairly high, but after a few seconds seems to come down. After is at temp it does not like to run with choke on. I ride at 2000 to 5000 above seal level but most of that riding is at 3500 feet. Any suggestions on jetting?
  10. i kinda thought so also, so ur suggestion doesnt suprise me. can u help explain why though (bigger engine and all)
  11. Link works fine on this end.
  12. Here is my setup: 2006 DRZ400SM 435 big bore from Lukes Racing Hotcams stage 2 intake, stage 1 exhaust Valves from RHC Yosh RS3 full system FCR from Sudco done the Burned way 200 main air jet 160 main jet EMN needle 3rd clip from top 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet Fuel screw 2.5 turns out What is the recommended jetting for this combination of mods? The bike seems flat in the upper rpm's and just does not quite have the power I expected. When idling in neutral if you blip the throttle it will die immedietly. It will also do this occasionally in gear also. The bike also does not seem to transition smoothly from off to on throttle while in the mountains. I expected the bike to have a similar seat of the pants feel as my 05 CRF450, but it doesnt seem to have that kind of power. Any ideas or suggestions? Burned?
  13. Here is a video from my trip to the mountains this week. Dont mind the music, its an inside joke between me and the other guy in the movie. Right Click Save As! http://www.xlriders.net/forums/Videos/SV41906.wmv
  14. I am installing my new hot cams intake and exhaust cams. I understand that i need to have the marks in line with the top of the head and the arrows pointing up. My question is should i have slack in the timing chain between the cams or should everything be lined up with the chain tight between the cams? I know the whole pin count thing with the stock cams but is there a certain # of pins or chain links that you should have between the cams with the new hot cams? I have tried lining everything up but I come up with two seperate ways....with slack between cams and without slack. Which way is correct?