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  1. they(cfw) dont cover as high up as the lightspeed guards,but they cover enough so your boot dont leave rub marks on the sanding or other good look good.
  2. dude you should have searched for this before starting another thread,this has been beat to death.everyone LET IT DIE ALREADY !!
  3. i have carbon fiber works frame guards on my 08 250f and have had them for 2 years on my 06 holes just scratches from my boots but still look very nice.
  4. this bike had overheating problems which can be fixed obviously with a different radiator cap,synthetic coolant,oversized radiators,ect.but other issues are cracked cases around the output shaft(front sprocket)and broken shift shafts and kickstart shafts.the newer models have resolved most overheating issues and have thicker castings around the shafts and thicker shift/kick shafts.IMO look for a newer model or different brand.JMO
  5. slice what you can off with a utility knife.then to get the rest of the (vulcanized lol) material off simply use a wire wheel attachment on a good just wrap tape around the bars where the grip ends to avoid scratching the exposed part of the bars and go easy on the throttle tube.
  6. you dont need the ap 230 lbs and i clear 30' doubles in 2nd with ease.up to 90' in 3rd.rarely use 4th on moto track.#50 leak jet and boyesen quickshot.there is no making the quickshot work,it just does.the bog is most likely just from fuel adjustment.get a quick adjustable fuel screw an adjust it to the current conditions.overall the fuel screw is the firdt way to try to remove the bog.
  7. 770kaw250f - i got mine at kawtown kawasaki in danville,il. better price than sportland(champaign),powersports(decatur),or dreyers(indy).
  8. holy sh!t thats nasty!!.you can get the whole cap assembly from motosport or at your dealer for $95.
  9. kawasaki riders dont have to sell the bikes!our blood is bikes made.PERIOD
  10. i dont know how they work on the 450 yet.i have them on my 2008 kx250f and they work going to get some for my kx450 soon!! once motosport has them they should be $120 apair.
  11. can'o'worms
  12. engine ice is premixed so no adding water is not needed.ive used engine ice for a few years and believe it the best coolant overall.water wetter with distilled water is the best coolant but i live in the midwest and e.i. is rated for -26 for adding i drained all my old antifrezze and filled with plain water then ran bike for a minute.then drained water and added e.i. then ran again.leaning the bike to the left with the cap off will let displaced air ecscape.