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  1. panz

    WR450 mods only...what are you running?

    2005 Wr 450F All free mods listed JD Jetting Kit-- Bike runs perfect now FMF pipe 909 Levers and grips TO Do List Pro Taper Bars Stabalizer ktm hand guards Thinking about FMF pipe
  2. panz

    WR450F harder suspension

    Would like some advice. I need to know how to adjust the clicks on the suspension and if anyone would have any advice. I ride desert and moderate motocross. I am an intermidiate rider at 5'8" tall. I weigh 180lbs. My issue is the rear end hops around a lot in open whoops sections. I am looking to adjust the front and rear to a more standard setting for my height and weight. The front end and rear are stock setting I have no idea if this is too soft or to firm for what I am looking to do Thanks Patrick
  3. just got the wr450fv i am taking it to vegas and then over to Califronia city this weekend. Did the Snorkel out mod AIS removal Kit Grey Wire Considering a new FMF exahust. I was wondering if I should got it with the jets that are in the bike. They changed them at the dealer but I do not know what they put in and this is an area where I am ignorant