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  1. did you really just say 2 strokes are too much maintence.?
  2. those muffler bearings will get you everytime....
  3. I went to take them out after a mud race, I wanted to make sure everything was good and clean and when I went to pull the shrouds off the inserts in the tank were spinning...but yes, you dont need to take them off otherwise
  4. do you have a website for them?
  5. The inserts for the shroud bolts to go into my tank are stripping out of the tank, i'm looking to get a black tank instead of the stock yellow one. anyone know where i might be able to find one? 2006 Rm-Z 450
  6. The main bearing in my 06 went, it made a fairly loud knocking noise. Maitenece on it has always been good and it was never really over revved. Things happen but its good to catch them before they go completly, I probably saved at least a grand by not riding the bike when the noise started
  7. already have that,(PC Ti-4) helped but still need more...
  8. Anyone put one on? Just got one, haven't ridden with it on yet, but i'm wondering if it lessens the excessive shifting and gives it some more pull? any comments?
  9. before after
  10. just got all thenew graphics on...all i need to do is change that blue barpad
  11. Picking mine up today
  12. When you get everything squared away, make sure you put the heavy duty clutch springs in. Clutch is harder and thats theonly downfall
  13. I picked one up. I realize it's unchanged but people who didnt ride the 05 just think the 06 is s***...its a good bike, and to me, everybike is the same, its preference and settings