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  1. jasonknight

    Slipped Cam/Sprocket 99 yz400

    just a quick update/closure post. got the new cam in and everything is running good. Timing it was still kind of sketchy, couldnt get all 3 timing marks (crank, intake cam, exhaust cam) to line up perfectly, but got them as close as possible. Started in a few kicks after not running for several months. Pretty stoked! Thanks for all your help.
  2. jasonknight

    Slipped Cam/Sprocket 99 yz400

    Thanks for chiming in gray, thats the response I was looking for. Gonna order it now.
  3. jasonknight

    Slipped Cam/Sprocket 99 yz400

    Here are the pictures I took yesterday when we had it apart. http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa364/jknight3679/IMG_4488.jpg http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa364/jknight3679/IMG_4486.jpg any thoughts? thanks
  4. Hey People, not exactly sure what is going on here but I have a few theories. 6 months ago I reshimmed the valves and didn't time it right...result: intake valves kissed the cylinder:banghead:. I have since replaced all 3 intake valves and i'm making damn sure its right this time. So this time I wanted to make dame sure the timing was right. I've done my research and have timed everything to the right marks on the cam sprockets and the crank. i also replaced the timing chain just to make sure everything was just right. I put everything together but something still isn't right. I am able kick through the compression which used to be impossible without hitting the decomp lever. I've read though some other posts that had this same issue, but the problem has always been the timing. I know I have the timing correct as far as the marks go. I'm starting to suspect the sprocket slipped on the cam shaft when the valves hit piston. is that even possible? is the cam sprocket press fit on there? this is my first time trying to post up pictures here, hopefully it worked, if not, more posts to follow until I get it right. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. jasonknight

    Flywheel Puller for 99 YZ400f

    San Diego
  6. can someone recommend a good cheap gear puller for a 99 yz400f? trying to replace the cam chain after a valve job and just realized I don't have the right tools. How do you know the puller your buying is the right size and pitch on the threads? Thanks
  7. jasonknight

    99 yz400f carb issue?

    thanks guys, everything i read points to the pilot jet/orfices. I've sprayed them twice out twice with carb cleaner, ports seem to be wide open...Also...slide never came out, it looked clean. although the needle valve that works with the slide was filthy i'll clean again and hope for the best....also guess i should try new gas...gas in the tank is only a few months old buy you never know THANKS
  8. jasonknight


    bump bump I have this same bike with the exact same problem....was it every solved...?
  9. jasonknight

    99 yz400f carb issue?

    got it all back together for a second time....new symptoms 1) hard to start, finally got it to fire with the hot start pulled. 2) let it warm up for 5 minutes, pushed in the choke and it dies immediately. will idle with the hot start on or off, it used to die as soon as you hit the throttle, now if you leave the choke on it will rev good, but will still die without choke.. what gives? started with the pilot screw out 1.5 turns like the manual said
  10. jasonknight

    99 yz400f carb issue?

    I did my best to look through the stickies and searched posts but couldn't find my problem. I apologize if this has been discussed already 1999 stock yz400f, only mod is a different exhaust pipe...it ran great for many years last year I rode this bike ant it ran like a champ. pulled it out a few months ago and took off for the desert and ran into issues. Bike would start but didn't want to idle. When you came to a stop you had to feather the gas to keep it running. when moving the bike ran fine, just wouldnt' idle. we drained the gas out and put in fresh, that seemed to help a little bit, but the issue persisted. That was back in Feb. I'm ready to start riding again so I went through my routine. Checked teh valves, intakes were a little out of spec so i reshimmed. Exhaust valve clearances were in spec. Cleaned the carb with carb cleaner, removed all jets and cleaned with carb cleaner and compressed air. Got it all put back together and the symptoms changed. Now it will start and idle just fine with the choke on. but even after warming up for a few minutes (i live in San Diego at sea level) the bike will die as soon as you turn the choke off or touch the throttle. is this a common problem? any quick checks or thoughts? I'm in the garage now taking the carb apart and rechecking everything again and hopin for the best. Thanks in advance
  11. jasonknight

    Sudden Starting Problems

    valves and decomp clearences.....
  12. jasonknight

    need help ASAP PLEASE!!

    my 2002 service manual says 86.1 inches
  13. jasonknight

    Filter Cover for sand riding?

    filter "skins"........thats exactly what I was looking for
  14. Hey People, I've looked around on a few sites, but I can't seem to find what i'm looking for. I do a lot of dune riding (glamis) and the air filters get CLOGGED every trip. The sand sticks to the outside of the filter like it supposed to, but I think there is a better way. I want to put some kind of dry sock around the filter so any sand that gets sucked in and stuck to it will fall off as soon as the engine dies. does anyone know where to buy something like this? I've seen em for ATV but can't seem to find one for my dirtbike ('02 CRF450R). I've searched around and found mention of a guy that uses pantyhose, but I'm hoping there is something better than that....a thicker nylon cover would be perfect if air got through it easy enough Thanks
  15. jasonknight

    Bike Sat for 6 months....wont' Start

    2001? thats funny....probably shouldnt' be doing any carb work after a six pack of IPA.....what an idiot