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  1. Rhaeger

    Where do I find riding buddies in So Cal?

    I would try this group, looks like they got alot of off-road 'green sticker' and dual sport rides going on throughout the Fall: http://www.meetup.com/TrailRidersOC
  2. I want the E-line set up for the CR250 you have. Please check your PMs.
  3. Rhaeger

    1999 KTM 380 mxc

    That is one mean, lean clean machine!!! And with a plate to boot... I want one!!
  4. Yay, I accomplished two (2) things... wait, make that three (3) things: #1). My posting has been identified and labeled as "intellectual" - thanks for that, I needed the boost. #2). Instead of playing 'Where's Waldo', we just played "Where's Paul-do". Ap-paul-ed - you got it! #3). I know at least one (1) person took the time to read my posting all the way through - Thanks, DD!
  5. Hey "Krannie"!!! You think the Japs care about the off-roading public, let alone motorcyclists in general. Maybe back in the 70's, 80's & up to mid 90's. Now it's all about profit. Why isn't Honda, Yamaha & the other Jap companies helping out with the 'Save Johnson Valley' effort or any other cause off-roaders take up to keep the few riding areas we still have open? Because Honda, first & foremost, is a SUPER-Green company. Same with the rest but not nearly to the extent of Honda. Honda's automotive division is appauled at the fact that their profits are going to the effort to keep the motorcycle division afloat. Yamaha has the same issue with the music division subsidising the motorcycle division. Kawasaki has KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries) as the main force in their corporate heirarchy. Suzuki actually has some motorcycle purists left over in Brea, California (US HQs) but for how much longer now that the automobile effort in America has been scraped? On a more serious note, today is Pearl Harbor Day... a day of shame for the Japanese since they launched their SNEAK ATTACK on this faithful day. Do the Japanese companies honor their fallen riders in the way that KTM does? Have they EVER done so? What have they done for Ernesto Fonseca, Jimmy Button, Doug Henry... about Danny "Magoo" Chandler, David Bailey? How about the countless others that deserve recognition that never comes from the greedy Japanese? Here is an example of how an honerable company like KTM treats its own: http://www.vitalmx.com/features/Kurt-Caselli-Memorial-Ride-Day,3460 Your distaste for KTM can be most likely attributed to you Austrian nanny who took care of you as a young lad. She made you eat your green beans even though they had inadvertantly mixed partially with the mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Did she also make you brush your teeth every night before being tucked away to bed? Am I assuming to much, you may ask? Have I crossed the line with the implied agressive transferrence tendencies I've diagnosed? Maybe you should not be so fool-hearty to make such an all-encompassing statement like "KTM is ruining motorcycling" and I may re-evaluate my clinical preponderence of your emotionally-driven psychological condition. Fair enough? I'd venture to say yes. 15-love, your serve.
  6. Submitted for your approval... HAHA - not really needing approval, I already know they're bitchin'!!
  7. Rhaeger

    Good ridding. North or South?

    Check out these site as they do lots of mountain rides, desert runs, & dual sport trails in the So Cal area: http://www.meetup.com/SoCalOffRoadTrails/ http://www.meetup.com/Enduro/ P.S. You would be pretty happy in Corona - but you'd have to get used to I-15/91 freeway traffic. Close to OC & the beach in the Spring/Summer months, plus even closer to the mountains & desert in the Fall/Winter months.
  8. Funny thing is... I'm generally not into freestyle competitions and have rarely even watched them on TV. But, once you've seen how this event is coming together along with the size and brilliance of the layout, one can only stand back in awe. It is like the REM track has been transformed into Anaheim Stadium East. It's like a super rock concert mashed up with a Supercross in a stadium with an enormous "COOL" factor all swirled together. Really, people... If you didn't get out in the past few months, make sure and get out to see how a real show comes together. I have been officially made a fan and can't wait for this weekend!!!
  9. Come join us www.dualies.com on May 12th for world class freestyle motocross - Red Bull X-Fighters at Glen Helen Raceway! Featuring a truly massive course (225,000 square feet), the twelve competing riders will have more options, more ground to cover and more air to soar through. Several ticketing options exist, including a "Camp & Ride" package that allows campers multiple-day access to ride on the National MX Track. http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Video/x-fighters-usa-glen-helen-history-021243204083628 Visit www.redbullxfighters.com to purchase your tickets before they sell out and be sure to enter the promo code: OCdualies for $5 off! SPECIAL NOTE: the promo code is case sensitive - you must type it in exactly as it appears: OCdualies
  10. Rhaeger

    What the? KX 125 Wheel Lacing

    Two bits of advice - Firstly, at least on my rear CR-CRF wheels, the inner spokes (those which start at inner most part of hub) are the longest. The outer spokes (those which start at outer most part of hub) are the shorter ones. My front CR-CRF spokes are all the same size. With that being said, someone with a drum brakes hub(s) will usually use the shorter spokes on the drum side of the hub. That is most likely not the case with your bike. Attn: Make sure to use anti-seize compound on the spoke threads when installing the nipples when lacing the wheel. This will make trueing at a later date much easier, as well as disassembly should you ever need to re-lace again. By the way, Anti-seize is the "silver grease-like stuff" that always seems to get on your face and clothes when using it. Check out the link below for more in-depth help: http://www.easterndirt.com/?p=385 P.S. Always nice to have a friendly, neighborhood, aspiring mechanic to help out, too (her shoes are not OSHA approved) I wonder if her name is Lacey?
  11. Rhaeger

    Cafe in the high desert

    Saw this on another forum as was wondering if anyone know if this might be true . . . "Heard a rumor that the owner of the Slash-X was killed in a car accident yesterday. My heart goes out to the Lynn family in their time of loss ... I believe the Slash-X will be closed this weekend."
  12. Rhaeger

    Trials on America's Got Talent

    Vote for them by calling 1-866-GO-AGT-08 or (866) 602-4808. I just did. Or simply go here and vote for Smage Bros. Riding Shows: http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/vote/
  13. Rhaeger

    CRM 250? in the US?

    The CRM 250's had a six-speed gear box and a "RC-style" power valve controlled by other means than the gear-driven way your 96 is controlled. In short, they are definetely different motors for sure. You might want to try the following site for more info (and great pics, too) http://www.crm250.com/ Also try this site for a wide-ratio gear kit Pricey but nice if money is no object to you. http://www.madmanengineering.com Pics for all the rest here to drool over . . . http://www.crm250.com/forum/download/file.php?id=119&mode=view http://www.madmanengineering.com/honda-crm250r-.jpg http://lh4.ggpht.com/_fT7WMFovO_0/Sc4JJKqF5TI/AAAAAAAAAtI/WCr8ZcQfW3A/CRM250AR.jpg
  14. WOW. . . does that quote come with "BITTER BEER FACE" or what ! ! ! I have ran all three of my converted DS bikes with Electrosport Dakar kits since 2002. I have ran through quite a few batteries, some flasher relays, a couple of regulator/rectifiers and a circuit board as well. Electrosport's employees were more than generous with their time and Rizzo was always willing to help. I was pretty hard on my equipment as I wouldn't be shy about trying any and all hillclimbs & hard-ways on DS rides. Under the circumstances, the Dakar kits held up very well. For you to imply to us that we should simply "throw away" our kits shows you are one of two things: Either you are mis/uninformed or you are about as biased as the tires on my big truck. Now, as for the people at Baja Designs. They have always been very knowledgeable and informative to all I've been in contact with in the M/C industry. Their employees are showing great patience and understanding with those of us who still use Dakar kits and are in need of parts from time to time. I made a trip down to BD this last week, worked with Danny in sales who helped me ressurect a Dakar kit which needed a battery and a "circuit board cover". He was completely professional and extremely patience with regards to my needs. If I do need to update to another kit in the future, I will be running with Baja Designs. OK, I know I started to sound like an informercial, but that is just how I communicate (Marketing background showing through). Ride on.