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  1. MarkLch

    remove radiators?

    To add; Since the SX models don't have a thermostat, there is less cooling plumbing to deal with and one is able to check the valves without removing the radiators. The first time I adjusted the valves on my 450SX I unbolted the radiators from the frame and pulled them away for clearance. I later bought a Z shaped feeler guage and didn't bother with even unbolting the radiators from then on.
  2. As other's I'd say a DRZ400S for your size, or maybe the new KLX250S or Yamaha XT225. Wise move to take the MSFs course. I've done the reverse and went from street riding to off-road only (MX) and bought a new KTM450SX last year. Didn't ride it much at all and never got off the kiddie/beginner sections (I'm 40), maybe 12 hours use total. Now I want to move back onto a street bike once I sell the KTM. Bicycle riding=motorcycle riding, both are two wheels, yet the weight and handling characteristics will be obvious, the MSF course will be a great help.
  3. Nice to have a DOT/EPA street legal dirt bike with E-Start out the door. Wonder if KTM will offer a similar bike with their RFS engine? I realize the LC4 is comparable to the Husky 610, while KTM 525/450 would be comparable to the 450 and 510 Huskys
  4. MarkLch

    KTM Reliability

    My 04' 450SX has been flawless, though it's only a year old and has about 12 hours total on it. Valves are very easy to check (no need to remove radiators with the SX) and oil changes are not too bad (changed often with Motorex 10w-50 synth oil). Really love the light feel and snappy performance even if I'm a beginner rider, but my old right knee says I need an e-start.