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    Restoring old and newish bikes, riding on and off road, keeping fit (ish).
  1. chancho196

    Help me choose a Tire for my DRZ400SM

    Have to agree, the 150/60 is great. I'm sure a 160 would fit in there (much more room than on a WR450 swingarm) and may even give you grip leant right over, but I think the 150 is the way to go.
  2. chancho196

    Help me choose a Tire for my DRZ400SM

    When I bought mine it was fitted with a new set of Dunlop Arrowmax's (120/70 & 140/70). I persevered with them until they were worn out, but what a crap tyre! Poor grip in the dry, horrendous in the wet. Mine's only an E model with K&N and a JD Jet kit so it's not pushing out much power, but enough to make it step out every time it was pushed hard. Riding with mates on WR and KTM 450's meant it was getting worked hard all the time (although it was still possible to hold them at bay). But then... I fitted Pilot Powers (120/70 & 150/60). Awesome! I have to push it ridiculously hard while leant right over to make it step out now. I can get my kneedown on it now too which is funny because my DRZ is so tall my other foot doesn't even reach the peg. The best thing is it will now do rolling stoppies with ease - before it would just lock up as soon as you hit the brake. Love the Pilot Powers!
  3. chancho196

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Get it checked! Not worth the risk if it's badly swollen. Flipped mine while wheelieing last Saturday and my lower back still hurts when I sit (just bruised I think), but if your knee is that bad it's just not worth the risk.
  4. chancho196

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    Anyone on here ever ride around the Gold Coast? I'm in the Hinterland area and there's some great roads and cafes. Craig, you ever come down here?
  5. chancho196

    Gearing on a 400E Supermoto?

    Cheers folks, think I'll give the 44 a go.
  6. chancho196

    Gearing on a 400E Supermoto?

    Following on from the other thread, what gearing is everyone using on their supermoto versions? I currently have a 15/40 which makes it very mellow when cruising, but I'm considering taking the rear up to a 44 to liven her up slightly? What are your thoughts guys?
  7. chancho196

    Tyres - make and sizes?

    Cheers folks, I'll price them up!
  8. chancho196

    Tyres - make and sizes?

    Hi folks, I've got a 2005 DRZ400E with supermoto wheels on which the previous owner fitted Dunlop Arrowmax's (140 rear). They are probably the worst road tyre I've used. It skips out in the dry (when you're in a hurry ) and is horrendous in the wet. I fancy Pilot Powers or Power Pures, but which sizes fit into the swingarm comfortably? And what profile is best for the front? Opinions gratefully received. Out of interest, is the DRZ known to be twitchy or could the fact that the previous owner fitted shorter dogbones be causing the handling issue? After riding a few mate's KTM's and WR's, the DRZ feels like the forks are dead upright! You get used to it, but the handling has nothing on the other bikes.
  9. chancho196

    uk readers

    Originally from South Wales but now living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Recently bought an '05 DRZ400E with supermoto wheels that the owner brought out with him from the Midlands when he emigrated.
  10. chancho196

    Quick wheelie question...

    What gearing are you using to bring it up in 4th? I have a 400E with supermoto wheels, 15/41 gearing, snorkel out, JD jet kit and I have to clutch it in 2nd! It'll come up under power in 1st, and changing up through the gears is ok, but otherwise it's certainly lacking in go. Maybe I need a pipe!
  11. chancho196

    Big bore bad boy club

    "Predator" end can made by Motad I think. Not sure on front pipe. Quite quiet (which I like) but maybe not as free-flowing as it could be. How many hosses are released with a good system?
  12. chancho196

    Big bore bad boy club

    Out of interest, how much more performance could I expect by putting a big bore kit on a 2005 DRZ400E that's already had the snorkel removed, JD jet kit fitted and K&N filter? Is it a noticeable gain?
  13. chancho196

    Wheel Bearings for DRZ400E 2009

    Nuff said.
  14. chancho196

    Wheel Bearings for DRZ400E 2009

    Hey, what happened to TBM?
  15. chancho196

    DRZ 400 SM got any regrets?

    I bought a 2005 DRZ400E a couple of months ago that was already converted to supermoto. Initially I thought it was underpowered (compared to the WR400 I used to own) but after a few mods I'm happy. I took out the airbox snorkel, fitted the JD jet kit and a K&N filter. Just fitted the 320mm disc from Drive systems and the front brake is now superb! I ride this more than my GSXR1000K6 now because it is so much fun! Wish I'd bought a supermoto years ago now.