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  1. 517250f

    anyone change leakjet?

    I have a 06' kx250f that bogs when you stroke the throttle after landing. was just wondering if changing the leak jet would help?
  2. 517250f

    Best clutch plates?

    I am due for some new plates. Are oem the best? Aluminum or steel? any info will be appreciated.
  3. 517250f

    which cams rule?

    thanks for your input, I had the hotcams in my yami and they worked great. I wasn't sure what was the best for this bike. first time going green.
  4. 517250f


    I have an 06. just getting ready to trick it out and I wanted to make sure I order everything I need. I ride in Mi.
  5. 517250f

    which cams rule?

    I have an 06 and was wondering if a set of hotcams or procircuits would make more power. i was told the 06 had better cams.
  6. 517250f


    I was wondering if i need the boyesen waterpump impeller or not?