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  1. March 1st.
  2. I'll be riding at Sandia on friday and am looking for some where to go after that. Any ideas? I'm on a Honda CRF250 #33.
  3. I'm in town for the next 2 months and am looking for good tracks or spots to ride. I'm planning on hitting the open practice at sandia on friday but was wondering if there are any other good pits or tracks to ride. I'm off thursday and fridays. I'm interested in tracks or good freeride jump spots. I ride and race a 2006 CRF 250 back in NY. Thanks for any help.
  4. I took a small thin blade screwdriver and ground down the sides so it fits in the hole. Works perfectly.
  5. Play with your fuel screw adjustment!
  6. Like it was said already, keep your valves adjusted and you'll be fine.
  7. Try adjusting your fuel screw and raise your idle a little.
  8. How many hours do you have on the motor? You may need to adjust your valves.