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    TE610 Speedo Setup

    Hey, thanks a bunch Xfool for that interpretation. Dealer helped me figure out changing km to miles over the phone, Ijust kept cycling till I got it changed but never did figure out why! Oil can showed up at 300 miles, got the service done and when the 610 got home, there is no clock or trip meter now. Gonna go disconnect the battery and see if that re-boots things.
  2. camas crusier

    Should I do this?

    Actually Ride, my riding buds posed the same question. "Don't you think you want a 450 or 510?" I have wanted a BIG thumper for a long time, and since I'm a big guy (6-2/ 260) I decided to ride the TE 610 for awhile. I have a Yammi TW200 that I really like for tight stuff. If I decide the to down size later I can do that too! We just sold a very demanding, labor intensive cattle ranch and the thumper is gonna be part of my reward. Thanks, Jeff.
  3. camas crusier

    Should I do this?

    sporthog the thing with all the add-ons and mods with the DRZ just kinda got overwhelming, not to mention a less than satisfactory visit to inquire about set up help etc. at the local dealer. You know, " I think we have somebody that knows about those....umm, want a brochure?" Not impressed at all. Moto Tech in Boise were very helpful and obviously knew the product. Between TT forum and dealer 1st impression I feel I made the right decsion. My riding buddies are real devoted Mt. trail and desert dirt riders. I will be doing lots of off road with them, but wanted a good stable on road bike too. Any other input- suggestions from the TT forum much appreciated!
  4. camas crusier

    Should I do this?

    Thanks for the replys. Check is in the mail as they say. I really appreciate the TT forum folks and especially the Husqvarna guys for preventing my making a huge mistake and buying a DRZ 400 S. Plan on using the TE for 80 off road, 20 on. We have used the dualsport bikes for over 20 years for running car/ pickup shuttles while floating the Idaho whitewater rivers. Also tons of two track and trails. I'm jacked!!
  5. camas crusier

    Should I do this?

    Hi Husky guys, 1st post for me. Ready to send a deposit on a TE 610 dualsport after selling my KLR 250 Ive had for 12 years. What do ya'll think?