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  1. Three of the four lug bolts that hold on my left rear tire have been stripped. I am trying to get the hub nut off but want to make sure it is not a reverse thread before I start cranking on it. I removed the cotter pin that holds the nut in place. The shop manual gives no indication about the thread direction but just thought I would run it by for some advice.
  2. I have an 02 250ex that needs a little extra boost for the dunes in Glamis. It is for my 11 yr old son who wants a little mor power but I'm not ready to put him on my 400ex. Any sugeestions on jetting/performance enhancements/exhaust/etc.
  3. enginemedic

    Tail light on 650L

    Does anybody know of a different style of rear tail light and license plate holder? The stock one looks like crap. Would the Baja Designs rear fender light for the 650R work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. enginemedic

    Finally uncorked

    I just completed my first set of mods on my XR650L. Rejetted the carb with a 165 main, 55 pilot, K&N filter, Supertrap exhaust, & smog removal. Looking forward to riding some fire roads in So. Cal this week.It has been suggested by a friend to put a steering dampner on the XR. Any body have advice as to which one is good and exactly what do they do?
  5. I recently rejetted my XR650L with a 165 main jet. During the disassembly of the carb I lost a small spring that sits under a plastic piece but on top of the jet needle. I have searched everywhere in my garage but was unsuccessful. I put the carb back together without the spring. Everything seems to work just fine. Am I doing grievious damage to the carb or will it be OK? Where can I get one of these springs?
  6. enginemedic

    Snorkel removal

    I removed the snorkel, added K&N filter, and rejetted with 165 main jet. Also have a Supertrap slip-on exhaust. What a difference. I'm at 1100 ft. in California. You need to open up the whole system for better performance.
  7. enginemedic

    TRX250EX Should I?

    My wife has a 2002 TRX 250EX and she loves it. The electric start, reverse gear and automatic trans make it ideal. It is definately underpowered for sand dunes but does great in regular dirt terrain. I don't know much about the other quad but it's hard to go wrong with a Honda.
  8. enginemedic

    Smog Removal/2005 XR 650L

    Thanks for the advice. I just got my IMS block off kit today so I'll start wrencing on it tomorrow. Also I guess I'll keep the smog equipment just in case the state requires it in the future. Is there really any performance difference or am I just cutting weight?
  9. enginemedic

    Smog Removal/2005 XR 650L

    OK, I've looked at the smog removal steps on 4Strokes.com but those are for a 1995 XR. My 2005 XR has an extra Evap canister with some hoses that I'm not sure what to do with. Is there any updated web site that addresses the newer model XR?
  10. enginemedic

    XR650L Owners Manual?

    I just recieved one through Hondas website. It covers model years 1993 to 2006. It cost $48.95 plus shipping.