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  1. Dr. Mark, Just wondering how you can get guys to recover in such a short amount of time? My Dr. told me to ecpect at least 6 months. He also told me that if I could build up enough strength in my leg I wouldnt even need the surgery. Does that even sound posible? I thought once it was tore the only way to fix it was to go, "under the knife"? Well, after a year since my tear, I feel alot better, but still not 100% stable. I havent raced again since my tear and its killing me not to be back out there bangin like I could.What should I do? Thanks in advance! Joe
  2. Thanks for the help guys! Probly going with the $1200 ones.
  3. I'm looking for a set of forks for an 01 kx65. Does anyone know anyone that makes adjustable forks for this bike? When I say adjustable, I meen being able to adjust compression and rebound? Just looking for a friend, so any feedback would be great. Thanks!
  4. Does anyone have the torque specs for this bike or know where i can get them without buying the clymer? I need all linkage swingarm and rear axle if you can hook a brother up. Thanks fellas.
  5. Motocross Action says the 07 link is the same as the pro circuit link for the 06. Does anyone else know if this is true? If so , wouldnt you think it would be cheaper to buy the 07 link instead of the pro circuit one?
  6. Pro-Circuit T-4 Put that in your pipe and smoke it mister!
  7. Motocross Action is suggesting the same thing. Swap out the pegs and mounts with the stock 06 250fs. It tells about it in the new Oct. issue. Says replace your pins and springs as well.
  8. I go to the same dealer as Motodemon. He got the 1st 06 last year in October. They told us they would be in late August. Anyway, they were supposed to get the next one a month later. I finaly took delivery of mine in early January and that was the 2nd FoFiddy they recieved. So its realy a toss up of when your dealer will see the 1st 07. good luck!
  9. I still get a better deal than motodemon at our local dealer. Its just because he orders everything through RockymountainMC though. But ya, our dealer usualy would just give as an o-ring if we asked for one.
  10. SFB makes them, however almost everyone is out of stock awaiting arival. I found them at motosport.com and rockymountain. PartsUnlimited might have them as well. RockyMountain says out of stock till May 11th. Dennis Kirk also says expeted soon SFB
  11. I probly won't be there, but the 1st day of the Illini Super series starts Sat at LTM in Casey.Casey
  12. Pro Circuit has a revalve to fix the new shock wich will run you about 150. I think it was in Motocross Action that I saw that. April 06 issue.
  13. Ya, the ones in the kit definitely fit the 450. Well, at least mine did.
  14. Hey cockboy, check out www.racebolts.com I found them today while messing around. Heres a direct link to the washers you want.....holy washers
  15. Its a good idea to order a new gasket when you order your springs as well. Refer to your manual for torq specs.