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  1. 1baddad

    New CRF450X Necessities

    I did not think that the crf450x would be as quick as my 500 I thought it would have a more managable powerband and I really really wanted the button.I did however expect it to be more like the crf450r . I cant wait to get the jd jetting kit and finish the other mods.I have been riding 2 strokes for over 25 years and only jumped on a 4 stroke once in a while.I am sure I will be pleased with the crf after i ride it more and get used to the powerband Besides I am in the over 40 crowd and was getting tired of my arms pulled out of thier sockets. oh yea did I mention how much I like the button Thanks shadyatbest for all of the info u post its valuable
  2. 1baddad

    New CRF450X Necessities

    I just got the 06 crf450x after riding a 2002 cr 500(service honda) I must admit the bike is alot like a souped up xr400 I am not so impressed with the bike as is yet but I am willing to give it a chance I really like all of the info on the mods that can be done so I have started to do them as I write I will let you know what I think after I have made the mods ( I hope I dont regret selling my 500)