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  1. How about a 2004 suzuki drz 250? Doesn't show when I put in my make and model on your website for this lighting option. Only dual sport kit and another light for $899....
  2. kaw_racerx

    Drz250 shifter

    I can't seem to find aftermarket one either? Just got this bike and is worn out,rather get aftermarket than stock bit not having much luck.
  3. kaw_racerx

    F-150 question

    I know old thread but it's more than likely the fuel pump driver module, located on frame behind spare tire. They corrode apart, sometimes once in few months then just won't restart period. I replace them regularly at my work at the Ford dealer
  4. kaw_racerx

    Yamaha PW50 Help

    Ya it got me first time running my son's haha didn't know why it wouldn't move
  5. kaw_racerx

    Yamaha PW50 Help

    You are running the switch in run position not start right? In the start position bike wont move until switch is in run position, and also limited all the way in is not enough to get it going. Just got my son one and like free rider said only allow 1/3 throttle and run along with him for little while
  6. kaw_racerx

    New radiators for a yz250

    Wow nice price, thinking of getting set to replace my bent to hell radiators. Where did you purchase from, look pretty nice. Those are regular sized or oversized?
  7. kaw_racerx

    Spark plug check

    My bad, 99 yz250. Just short trail rides, haven't taken to track yet
  8. kaw_racerx

    Spark plug check

    Just curious if this plug looks good? Had about 30-45 of run time before your apart to send out cylinder for replating. Thanks just been so long since I messed with 2 strokes and jetting instead of my recent bikes with fuel injection
  9. kaw_racerx

    99 yz250 cylinder

    Yes I can barely just in 2 spots 180 degrees from one another. I ran the bike about 30 minutes total after getting it. Going to call kind of local place that does head and cylinder mods to c about coating cylinder. I don't trust it, i ordered new rings piston still looked good. Doesn't have that shine of the nikesil like ic when looking at other cylinders
  10. kaw_racerx

    Slow return to idle

    Found slow return to idle problem, my mistake putting back together after carb clean. Plastic washer on carb body that holds spring in place,I didn't align the guide pin into slot where cable goes into needle seat.... Was hanging up ever so slightly. Now on to cylinder repair
  11. kaw_racerx

    2006 yz250 clutch problem

    Got my bike last week had some cheap quick adjust perch and big adjuster bolt had one thread left of adjustment like the one your showing in pick. Bought another perch and all the adjustment was back in the cable. Think it's your clutch perch and adjuster
  12. kaw_racerx

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    Buddy traded his ar15 for it, he already has quad.i Haven't had bike in 3 years so he just said take this one and fix it up!! Wouldn't take any money for it, nothing like having some great friends!!
  13. kaw_racerx

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    Free bike!! 1999 yz250, still have more parts to put on and polish wheels but starting to take shape
  14. kaw_racerx

    99 yz250 cylinder

    Was given this bike and noticed some very light marks in cylinder through exhaust port. Removed piston and cylinder, has oversized piston 67.94 mm. To me it looks like who ever bored it never re coated cylinder wall, seems like bare aluminum. Curious if that's how suppose to look or need to send out for repair, bike runs really good power etc... Just curious everyone thoughts
  15. kaw_racerx

    Slow return to idle

    Thanks guys, will check those. Currently have cylinder off seen slight scoring through exhaust port. Beleive person got it from had bored and never had it recoated.... Has a 67.94mm piston.