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  1. xsv650

    Tires. If money didn't matter.

    I had Pirelli MT90 S/Ts on my KLR650, and they would be my choice for just what you mentioned. The front doesn't exactly inspire confidence in gravel, but they have incredible grip on pavement and are reputed very long wearing.
  2. xsv650

    78 XT500 Ideas

    You might want to think about using the front end from an XS750. You'll be able to use the 36mm forks in your existing triple clamps, and will be able to use the front disk brake. The '74-79 XS650 had spoked aluminum wheels that will fit in place of the mags from the 750 triple. If you're going to ride on the street you WILL NEED more front brake with the engine mods. oldxs
  3. xsv650

    DR650 vs. KLR650

    Having owned both KLR650 and now DR650, I'll say the DR has much better build quality. I didn't care for the liabilities of the KLR like needing the doohickey and spring changed, needing guards to protect the radiator and water pump, needing to upgrage the rear subframe bolts, needing real footpegs, the vulnerable radaitor shrouds, and the spindly forks that need a forkbrace. The frame mountd fairing and windscreen are more about looks than function. Even with a tall windscreen, the buffeting was pretty bad on the KLR. I've monted a Parabellum on the DR and have no complaints...it is adjustable for angle,a nd this makes a huge difference. Both need a skidplate, and both suffer from poor seats. The DR is a bit more petite, and lighter. Fuel mileage and power are similar. I don't think the DR engine any smoother than my KLR. The simplicity of the DR engine is a plus IMO. Its necessary to half disassemble the KLR to adjust the valves, and you have to buy the shims ....enough said! Eric