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    KX 100 or CRF 150R????????

    I maintain a KX100 for my 12 y/o niece and it's an awsome bike. A 16 y/o girl on our team recently bought the 07 crf 150 r and it's a really awsome bike. The crf is faster, but taller stance makes it difficult for the 12 y/o girl. Both girls are intermediate riders and both consistantly place high in the 125 ama (boys) class. Suspension on both bikes are excellent with plenty of adjustment for weight and variable conditions. I agree that 1st year run models are usually questionable and will be tweaked and modified in the short term. I heard that the crf comes lean and needs immediate jetting changes, but haven't checked it out personnally. The KX 100 is or was a perfect platform for learning to go fast. It is a very forgiving bike and fast as you want to make it. Minor gearing changes create subtle speed increases that your rider will rarely notice. Good luck with either bike, both are an excellent choice. Tom