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  1. Yeah thanks but did a search & did see them but obviously later model so is different from mine. Thanks anyway
  2. Has anyone got a pic of the removable piece from the rear of the muffler? So I can see what it consists of & try to make one myself. Thanks
  3. Yeah ive seen the removable part on pics of other mufflers & wondered what the 2 screws were for at the reaer of mine. I think i'll just remove the original baffle tubing & custom bulid my own. I built the whole muffler for my previous bike (86 YZ250) cause it had none when i got it & mine worked great. Thanks for the help guys. I'll let yous know how it turns out tomorrow. Cheers
  4. Ok thanks. So how come its so noisy from the muffler? How can i quieten it down? I may have to remove the baffle once again & custom build my own perforated baffle so that it can be wrapped succesfully with the packing? Any ideas?
  5. Hi All, im new to the forum. I have just picked myself up an old 84 XR250R & is currently pretty loud. I cut around end of the stock muffler & pulled baffle out & repacked around it with fibreglass packing then re inserted it & lightly welded back up, but it still sounds no different. Obviously ive done it wrong. Can anyone explain step but step (for my simple mind) how to do this correctly & some pics would be great too. Thanks in advance. Dan