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  1. Just don't slow down.
  2. A Letter of Intent (LOI) and $75.00 fee is required from each rider who wishes to qualify for Team USA. The LOI and fee must be received by the AMA prior to the first qualifier entered by the rider. The riders who earn a qualified position on the team to represent the United States in the 2008 ISDE must confirm with the AMA their ability to attend the ISDE by June 8, 2008. The 2008 ISDE team will be announced as early as possible after that date. You must ride both days of a qualifier to receive a score. Scores from each day will be combined for your event score. FIM ISDE type evaluation or eval scoring will be used at ISDE Qualifiers, the class leader will receive a “0” score and everyone else will get a “0+” score based upon how many seconds they are behind the leader. To be eligible, you need receive a score from only one Qualifier. If you ride both qualifiers, your best score will be used. The FIM requires that the six (6) member Trophy team have entries in all three (3) Displacement class. The four (4) member Junior trophy team must have riders in at least two (2) displacement classes and is open to riders who are under 23 years of age at January 1 of the year of the event. Three (3) member Women’s Trophy Team – pending 2008 FIM Rules. Junior, Trophy and Women’s teams are selected by the ISDE Advisory Committee based on a rider’s Qualifier score, national or international standings for similar type competition, and/or prior ISDE experience. Any or all of these conditions will be considered for team placement with Qualifier scores the most important factor. The Club teams will be selected based on the rider’s best qualifier score. Up to two (2) positions of the Club teams may be selected by the ISDE Advisory Committee. The remainder of the open positions will be selected based on the qualifying process below. Riders will be eligible to participate on only one team. The qualifying riders will move up to the next qualifying position in the selection process as slots become available. For the purposes of qualifying, the three (3) FIM displacement classes will be used to determine eligibility. For Women (pending 2008 FIM rules) and Senior classes any displacement size may qualify. The top six (6) finishing (lowest eval score) riders in each displacement class will be selected for the Club teams. The top three (3) Senior riders, based on the best overall eval finish, 40 years of age as of the date of the event will serve as Senior Club team members. The class that you qualify in is the class you will ride in at the ISDE if you are selected for the team. Class 1 100cc – 125cc – 2 stroke 175cc – 250cc – 4 stroke Class 2 175cc – 250cc – 2 stroke 290cc – 450cc – 4 stroke Class 3 290cc – 500cc – 2 stroke 475cc – 650cc – 4 stroke Class 4 Senior (any size machine) Class 5 Women’s (any size machine, pending 2008 FIM rules)
  3. I contacted Boise Ridge Riders and they don't know what you have to do to qualify. You have to write a Letter of Intent to the AMA. I guess they decide. To late to try this year.
  4. Supercross

    Man I'm bummed #14 isn't doing outdoors. I always thought he was better in the Nationals. I guess it will be the Bubba Show. Lites class will be awesome!
  5. How do you qualify for the ISDE? Do you have to Bronze? Anyone carpooling?
  6. I thought PW's had adjustable height. I can't find any info on it. Any advice other than buying a different bike?
  7. I was being sarcastic. It was all Reeds fault. Thats what happens when he only knows how to start his bike once. He quit outdoors because he has to ride to far from his mechanic.
  8. Yea it had nothing do do with the way he was riding it.
  9. Maybe Reed will blow up his bikeriding like an idot and point at his mechanic like it's his fault. Oh ya that was Daytona.
  10. Yea but RC did alot of things Showtime couldn't do. Also KTM's bikes are better now than they were during his brief contract.
  11. Anyways lets just hope its an exciting race and not like St. Louis. I will be at the race in Vegas, maybe I can have some words with Reed in the pits. Anyone seen his hot wife lately. See must of ditched him.
  12. Orange will be on top one day. I predict it will be RC's comeback ride.
  13. I think K-dub is by far a tougher more respectable rider. He has been out racing everyrace in and out doors non stop. Everybody says he plays it safe to much, but maybe thats what it's going to take to win the title this year. Chad thinks everyone should get out of his way. There has been a few remarks/ shaking his head at other riders for trying to race with him. I'm so stoked Short challenged him. I'm suprised Millsaps and Ferry didn't give more of a fight. Reed better watch his mouth unless he has a good body guard. Windham will pound him into the dirt and rip out those chick earrings. Then Reed would have something to wine about. Go Nick Way!
  14. The only good thing about Reed is seeing his hot wife, and we haven't even seen her this year. Maybe she found a man.
  15. Reed is a baby! Even Emig said his crash injury was exagerated. He get made in Seattle because he thinks everyone should get out of his way. Short and Millsaps should have kicked him over so he could cry a little more. Kick his butt Windham!