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  1. i want to make my bike faster but i am unsure of wat to do to it. 150cc big bore kit, air filter, (already have bbr pipe on it) springs or anything else. wat r the best brands for the job or who makes the best parts....
  2. thanks for the help it idles perfect now.
  3. Its fixed now all I had to do was change back to a 110 main jet and mess with the fuel screw. Thanks for all the help
  4. I put a 110 main jet in and put an air filter and a bbr pipe but the bike still doesnt idle right
  5. Is it worth it to mod your airbox when adding a pipe air filter and jets?
  6. ok so I shouldn't have to cut up my air box, or change the clip thingie, or mess with the pilot jet Right?
  7. do I really have to mod my air box? If I just put in a 110 main jet will that do?
  8. thanks for the help from everyone
  9. will the clip fix my problem? What does it do or is that hard to explain to? how do I mod my air box? Does it help
  10. o and I put in a no-toil air filter to sometime I am going to buy a K&N filter instead
  11. the nearest dealer/shop to get stuff
  12. I jetted it like the instructions said on the paper that came with my bike but I couldn't break the seal on the carb bowl so j&j traded the jets out.
  13. ok thanks but which pilot jet or is there just one?
  14. what clip?
  15. I need help with my tt-r. I put a BBR pipe on it and jetted it with a 112.5 main jet but my bike wont idle unless the choke is on. I turned up the idle screw but as soon as I got it set right and turned on the choke it reved wasy to high. What should i do? It is starting to bother me