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  1. My buddy just bought an 09 CRf 450, and before selling his 07...he took his FMF pipe off and has offered it to me for a good deal. Will it fit on my 08 CRF450? Will I notice a huge improvement? My bike already feels super fast, and although a good deal... do I spend the money? ( He paid 800+ and I can have it for 300 )
  2. Foozer 24

    GoPro attempt one

    I got one for Christmas, and I have not opened it yet. The base mount was broken in shipping, and the camera is just rolling around inside the plastic case. Or... is that broken mount inside the case just for display? I didn not want to open it, if I'm going to send it back.
  3. Foozer 24

    Looking for new Graphics for my RMZ

    All of the designs I have found for sale seem to be yellow, black & white. Does anyone know where I can get some that are yellow, blue, Red & white? But mostly yellow & blue. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm thinking about picking up a pair ( Good deal ), but have not been able to find any review of them on here. Any feedback would be helpful. I never buy anything without stopping by Thumpertalk first!
  5. Foozer 24

    Why run out and get new suspension?

    Well, I wanted to post a report after getting my suspension done. All I can say is wow! The most noticable difference is that I just feel much more planted now while cornering. With increased confidence in the corners, my speed is much better due to the improved traction. The other most notable difference is that I did not get near as tired during my last race. The small bumps now just get soaked up, meaning I can push harder longer. Thanks for the advice on going ahead and getting it done, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!
  6. Foozer 24

    ? about circle drills

    So it's more of an oval, than just a constant circle?
  7. I've read often about the value of circle drills as good training tool. How big should your circle be? What gear ? How many? Just curious about any basic guidelines. I started trying this yesterday, and could immediatly tell I need more work going right than left...but could also tell, that with just a little bit of practice..I was getting faster going right.
  8. Foozer 24

    Why run out and get new suspension?

    I happened to read an article in this months TWMX today, that spoke about the value of the re-valve & proper springs. I'm dropping my bike off tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the input all. I'll give an update Thursday, post first ride.
  9. I just traded my out my 04 CRF 450 for an 08' - I mostly race off-road , with a little MX My question is this...while getting suspension done, made a big difference on my 04 ( Because of some poor handling charectersitics of the 04' ) ....will doing the same, make a big differrence on my 08'? In all the articles I read, it speaks of how great my new suspension is. Yet it seems everyone runs to get theirs re-done shortly after purchase. I've already scheduled to drop it off next Tue for re-valve & re-spring..Just curious if it is actually worth it.
  10. Foozer 24

    From CRF450R to RMZ250?

    I ride an 08' CRF450, and my son has an 08' RMZ 250. Last weekend I rode his 250 just for fun, and am pretty sure my lap times were close. Also, I was able to ride harder & longer on the 250. I am strongly considering racing the 250 next weekend at a GP race, for better handling & less energy used. My only concern is that I ride the 250 screaming the whole time, which will likely lead to more maintenance issues.
  11. Foozer 24

    Why would you buy an RMZ over a CRF??

    Well, I picked up his RMZ on Sat. My son loves it....& I feel really good about the decision. Thanks again for the input all.
  12. Foozer 24

    ? about break in

    Just bought an 08 RMZ 250 yesterday for my son, and followed break in procedures I've used in the past for my 450....and most of my other bikes which was: Vary the speed, with no sustained wide open runs...but did open it up....rode for about 10 minutes, then let it cool down. Followed this procedure for the next several runs...everythings running great. Well I just read the owners manual, and it said we were supposed to run it no more than half throttle for the first hour...and no more than 3/4 throttle the next hour. Just curious if we may have done it wrong. Thanks
  13. Foozer 24

    Why would you buy an RMZ over a CRF??

    Thanks for the input all. I even found a limited edition Black CRF 250 today, and thought he might go for it...but looks like we're going yellow. I'm feeling better after reading your comments as well.
  14. Foozer 24

    Why would you buy an RMZ over a CRF??

    After everything I've read, they are not even close. That said, I'm about to buy a 250 for my son...and he is dead set on an RMZ. I told him we could yellow plastic for a CRF ( Not sure ), but he wants a Suzuki. Granted, he will ride what ever I buy him...just wondering
  15. Foozer 24

    Gas in engine oil?

    It's not water...had a definite gas smell. I actually drained it all...left the drain bolt off and turned the gas back on overnight, and it didn't drain through. I plan to fill it back today, and see what happens.