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  1. Thinking about a getting a flywheel weight. Do they have one for the 450x 06? Is it worth getting one? I have no experiance w/ them, but some guys were ridding w/ them today and they were really able to crawl at low rpms without stalling out. What brands are recommended? Also whats a good weight for hill climing? Thx
  2. Would like to know what the pink wire does as well. Tried to do a search on it but couldn't come up w/ anything. If you did the pink wire deal and eliminate the smog would you have to re-jet or mess w/ any of the carb adjustments?
  3. Cut the seat down on my last bike 01 CR500. Worked great, but definitely know about comfort level. Is there a way to drop both front and rear down and keep the bike balance the same? Maybe bring forks up in front and adjusting spring in rear?
  4. Bike is tall for me at 5-10 and looking for the best solution to drop the suspension down or even cut the seat down a bit. What is suggested? Or is there any forum links you can give that addresses this subject? It's difficult for me to plant a balance foot going up nasty rutty hills or starting up on loose gound. Could use a good 2in drop. Don't have any experiance w/ suspension. Thx