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    Clear Creek - 3/25,26

    Big Bob you made the right decision.I didnt! Got ready to leave at 5.30 it was chucking it down here in Livermore,so checked every source of weather info we could find,most were saying showers in clear creek area We waited until about 8.00 when it was clearing and decided to give it a go.We hit the showers about 15 miles south of Hollister. Get to CC and it is raining.We start getting ready after driving up the sloppy mud road in,and our friends who we were meeting ride up shaking their heads.They had done 11 miles and said it was just a mess they were finished for the day,so we load up and drive back.Im just off to jet wash all the lovely CC mud/cement off of my truck. Before anyone says anything we are all experienced riders and we are not fair weather either! Anyway Im hoping its going to be 3rd time lucky for the rescheduled Wild Boar.So dont feel like you missed anything Bob.
  2. shaggymufc

    Need clear creek info

    clear creek is closed ,seems like everywhere is closed info line # is 831 630 5060