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  1. Can I slide the forks up (and how far) on the 2012 YZF 450? Bronco
  2. broncomoto

    07 Toyota Tundra...Thoughts?

    ask for jim lee at champion toyota in austo and drive out an 2013 for about 30k
  3. broncomoto

    2010 YZ450F oil change procedure.

    mine is a 2012 450f. what do you mean the filter goes in backwards? on my model, should the hole go towards the motor?
  4. I could not find any stickies on this either. I thought the owner could simply use some type of plug-in to easily change the power characteristics on the 2012 YZ450F. I thought the bike came with an alternate program in the form of a little plug. Mine came with a little plug. It looks like an electronic part. If so, where do you install it or am I mistaken? Bronco.
  5. broncomoto

    2001 DR200 - It Just Won't Idle!

    I rebuilt the top-end, put in new cam chain and set the valves. Now, it won't idle. It had a #40 pilot jet in it (manual calls for a #35) with the air screw out 1/2 turn. I put a 50.5 pilot jet in and now it will hold an idle for a few more rotations than before, but it still conks out. HELP! Bronco.
  6. I set the valves at .10 but it rattles like heck, has no power (less than before) and won't idle. HELP!
  7. broncomoto

    2001 dr200se flywheel re-assebly problem

    I am replacing the magneto (mine has cracks). I found a used one on ebay that has the plate (kept on with the allen head bolts) removed. I removed my plate. Tried to put it back together (to be sure it would work with the new one) and it wont go back together. Are the flywheel (magnetos) rebuildable? Is there a trick getting the plate together? It seems like the bearing is too big. By the way; the bearing has what appears to be intentional separations (looks like the bearing race is cracked, but I think its machined hat way). HELP! Bronco
  8. The cam chain broke and the cam and the cradle where the cam rides (just next to the c-clip) is hammered. Can the Cylinder head where cam rides be repaired?
  9. I'll get the seal out of the way and go after the collar as you suggested. I'm glad I ordered the o-ring! Thanks so much for your continued help! Bronco.
  10. I read several posts on this issue. I even found where Greyracer said if the collar is stubborn to grab it w/ pliers and spin the shaft. Mine is really on there! I was going to get medieval on it, but I thought I would ask for any alternatives. Also, there was thread regarding the o-ring. The parts diagrams show the o-ring behind the case. So it appears that you have the washer, sprocket, collar and seal that you can get to without splitting the cases. Since there was so much thread about the o-ring, I ordered it anyway. Assuming I get advice on getting the collar off, is there going to be an o-ring to replace? HELP! Bronco
  11. broncomoto

    2001 DR200SEK - Need Help w Fork rebuild

    I know this would be easier with a shop manual, but are there any posts out there for "how to" with the older DR forks? I've done lots of fork re-builds on my 2006 YF450f. Just wanting to know of any do's and don'ts out there for the DRs.
  12. My carb vent lines are 5 years old and brittle and probably restricted. I want to replace them. Are the vent lines fuel lines? I hear tell they are just vinyl that one could purchase at Home Depot. MX Bonz has a cool kit, but I waited too long to order it so I wouldn't get it by this weekend and I want to knock this out tomorrow.
  13. broncomoto

    10 450 cutting out

    my 2006 yz450f started blubbering when hot, especially over the choppy sections. I ripped the vent hose and check valve off and gas started spewing out as though it was bioling or pressurized. I put the hose on sans the valvem and viola. Rode the second half of race with no blubbering.
  14. As always, I checked multiple posts and I hope this one doesn't become a mind-bender. I recently did a valve job. Rode a Hare Scramble, MX practiced a few times, then yesterday, the bike started intermittently blubbering. I rode it back to the pits and it seemed fine. Checked coolant (I am getting some weeping from the impeller seal that I've yet to service) but it was at an acceptable level. Air filter is dirty having done a double-header Sat and Sun (an hour of riding in butter conditions w/out a filter service -nothing I haven't done before). After it cooled, it fired first kick, raced it around a bit before loading up and it seemed fine. I just don't want to pay a big entry fee next race and have it fail, there's got to be somthing wrong. Any ideas?
  15. broncomoto

    Rear Brake Pedal Frame hole - Toast

    i like to think I'm smart, but this thought never crossed my mind - really. I post this kind of stuff b/c this always happens. I beat my head on the rock and someone on TT hands me a hammer. I even HAVE some helicoils in that size. I'll give it a spin and let you know - thanks!