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  1. I made the mistake of buying the ECM's...never again. I don't know about other years but my 05 250 SX is really easy to get the tank off just three bolts. Makes spark plug changing easy, even with the longer plugs that are like 10 bucks cheaper!!!
  2. Looks great man! Nice Job! You going white with the tank then? Graphics?
  3. I would take a peek at your jetting first before dropping money down. Make sure you are jetted for your mix, temp, altitude, and conditions. Just do a search you can spend weeks looking at jetting thoughts and ideas.
  4. I like it...looks sweet!
  5. Get familiar with the FAQ at the top of the can spend a lot of time learning a lot of things...
  6. This one is in the showroom in Baldwin, Michigan...looks like they are at 6099.00 Asking so I am sure there is some wiggle room there, might be worth a shot...its an 09.
  7. I laughed in a good way...I think it will look different as in I like different...I also think those hubs are sick...
  8. Yes the stocker is thin...I have heard guys on here last 2-10 months with the stocks before it is riddled too much. PC II is good and so is the FMF Gnarly...much more stout. I am still on my stock pipe the PO never used it so we will see how long it lasts me.
  9. I know I read somewhere else that this only affected a small number of bikes...only forks manufactured during like a one week time period are involved in the recall...don't remember where I read that...I am sure someone here knows.
  10. My 05 250 SX hits the peg as well so does my buddies 525 when his battery dies!!!
  11. I laughed. But it is definitely different...I too take the path less traveled. Can't wait to see how she turns out.
  12. I wonder if you could try the water trick on the yz's??? In the KTM part one suggestion was to take a glass of water and place your vent tube from your pv in the water fire up the bike if it makes bubbles then the seal is bad...could try it I guess...
  13. Would I just leave the AS in then? Or turn it back out and change the pilot?
  14. I would start the search...or part out the bike. Your choice, there was just a frame for an 05 on Ebay within the last month or so...I think it ended but maybe it didn't sell? Don't know if this will fit? 03