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  1. anyone have any idea where to get BLACK plastics for my bike IN THE USA? i have contacted cemoto and they only have the front fender. i love this bike but cant believe that there are absoloutly no parts for it! you would think it was a 1940's some shit. THIS IS REDICULOUS! i must say it is a bummer.
  2. i'm looking for a new smr510 from a dealer in california or any dealer that can gaurantee a ca street plate. i need about 50% financing or i would buy a slightly used one already plated and depreciated in value. if anyone has purchased or knows where to purchase one at a good price let me know. Thanks! also thinking about selling my 99 te610 "for the 50% down" if anyones interested let me know.
  3. where do i find aftermarket parts for this thing? i want black plastics a bigger tank 17" supermoard wheels complete can i put the 2006 kickstand on it? please list sights for parts. Thanks!