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  1. noscrod

    je piston; Which ring?

    I just recieved my JE high compression piston today. I am impressed with the quality, however the piston came with two different compression rings and no explination. One of the rings is what i would call a chrome face ring, but im not sure. It has what appears to be a shiny metal face plated onto the otherwise black ring. the other ring is just all black(no plating other than black oxide finish) I have a stock cylinder (nikisil plated alum.) has anyone else bought this piston and gotten two different compression rings? whicch one should i use? I believe chrome rings are for cast iron non-plated cylinders, but not sure. Please help!
  2. noscrod

    250x ?

    go away! this is a honda forum go to the blue forum if you want bad-mouth the red bike. unless you have owned one you cant know how good they really are, 3500 miles no problems! adjusted valves 1200 miles ago.
  3. noscrod

    rattle noise in the intake

    All 250xs make that sound its completely normal dont worry! By the way, dont run your bike with no air filter ever again! unless you do want a decommisioned bike.
  4. noscrod

    Hi comp Piston ???

    vrp-mx has been dicking me around for 10 days, they do not have the JE piston in stock, even though they told me it would be in thursday march 3rd. since then I have sent multiple E-mails with no response. Do yourself a favor and call Ron Hamp at RHC he does have them in stock and is a lot easier to deal with - $169.00 shipping included -
  5. noscrod

    JE Piston?

    mcridr is the 06'r piston different than my 05'x piston? My stock 05'x piston is also 12.9:1 comp.
  6. noscrod

    JE Piston?

    thanks mike! ordered piston just now.
  7. noscrod

    JE Piston?

    I recently ordered a JE high compression piston from CRFs only (also stage 1 hotcam and shim kit) However the piston is backordered and they have no idea when I can get one. does anyone know where else i can buy the JE piston? I have spent the last 2 nights searching the internet and this forum, but have not been able to locate one. I am not interested in the wiesco hi-com piston (readily availiable). spring is right around the corner! -thanks