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  1. srfintom

    is kennedy meadows open?

    [quote name=Anyone know if there is a place to dump trailer waste tanks up on the hill? Don't really want to haul it all the way back if I don't have to.[/quote] Last year after the trail maintenance we went to dump at Grumpy Bears and the owner said he had to raise the price to $20. Tom
  2. I bought an old 91 Chevy van that ran good enough to move it around every two weeks as per condo rules. Now I bought a new 2006 Chevy Van so I don't have to transfer my bike into my truck and then back again after I ride it. It also pulls my trailer too. Best idea I came up with.
  3. srfintom

    It's my lucky day

    My left seal started leaking the other day so I will be getting my suspension done now. Where is ESP located and can I get the phone number? I don't post much but I love the help I get from everyones posts. Thanks, Tom
  4. srfintom

    If you could change one thing about the 450X

    6th gear would make it perfect to me. Oh and one more thing, get rid of the chain slap noise. I love my X!
  5. srfintom

    Will a 14T countershaft sprocket fit?

    I put on a Renthal 14T and had to grind the stock case saver for it to fit.
  6. srfintom

    Saddleback Monday 2/20

    Do you know if the gate to Maple Springs Road (Silverado Canyon)is open? The whole mountain might be closed after the rain we got Saturday and what we are supposed to get Saturday night and Sunday morning.