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  1. yep.. K&N filters are worthless..... they have a good marketing dept......... one good weekend in the sand and you can kiss your engine goodbye
  2. heykenny

    Need New Fork Springs Help....

    I'm around 210 and not particularly fast... I went with a set of .49 k on my 08.... stock was .47.. if I had it to do again, I would probably pick .50.. I'm the king of not quite getting over things cleanly and if your gonna case it 3 times a lap you need big springs....
  3. heykenny

    2009 or 2010???

    i'd find a leftover 08...... 5600.. 5700 new in my area.. (washington) vs 8100 for a 2010... are you Ricky-fast? are you Chad-fast?.. are you Ryan- fast?.... neither am I
  4. heykenny

    Looking to swap platstic coolant Y fitting with a metal Y fitting?

  5. more Suzukis.... SP series .. TS series.. TC series
  6. heykenny

    Jlaw...again dude?

    Jason Jason Jason..... out of a cell for maybe a month and already proving he's still a punk. Sportin' a new 'do this year. Prison boyfriend prefer short hair??
  7. heykenny

    WARNING!!! Meltdown.

    if Zip-Ty is actually shipping the KXF style fitting to us Suz folks, then that means the OEM Kaw number 92005-0067 will work fine.... it's aluminum and about 16 bucks
  8. heykenny

    What the heck is a "Banjo Bolt"

    banjo bolt
  9. high temp... probable sand ingestion... it's for sure time to find a mechanic you trust and have a top to bottom look over... it would be a damn shame to put a bunch of new parts in it without determining the extent of the machines issues, and just having it eat the new parts. The advice on this site is generally good, but the internet is no substitute for a good set of experienced eyes and hands on-site... digging in and getting to the bottom of the problem.. good luck to you
  10. yep... she seized all right.. and the consistent vertical scratches on the "non-seized" portions of the piston suggest it had some dirt for lunch at one time too.. this machine doesn't have a K&N filter by chance?... we see a lot of these in the shop when they get a gulp of sand
  11. here is an interesting article trying to explain it http://www.tootechracing.com/Static%20Sag%20Suspension%20Tip.htm but yes, the underlying theory is:if your spring rate is too soft, you'll have to crank the preload so far to get your race sag right that your static sag will be too little... and the opposite ... when your spring is too stiff for you, you'll end up backing off the adjuster so far, your static sag will be too much.. Ideally, after your race sag (with rider)is properly set at 100mm.(4in).. your unladen(static) sag will still be reasonable.. (.75 - 1.5in) everything can be modified for personal preference, of course. The suspension settings I like (high and tight) make my friends NUTS!!!
  12. I'm still stock in the back... after my race sag adjustments and static sag measurements came out alright I decided to try to run the original spring and I found my only real complaint was a bit of unbalance.. (soft in front).... once the .49 fork springs were installed I liked the balance... oh and as an aside... I went to great lengths to find out the true rear shock spring rate.. turn out its 5.6k.. not 5.5 as listed by racetech... not a huge deal, but may be important to some.. oh and I range from 210 to 230 depending on the season. When I'm heavier and slower in the winter, I tend to like the same springs as when I'm lighter and faster in august... wierd, but works for me
  13. heykenny

    Bills to Yosh Jetting

    HHHaaaa ...that's funny I must be losing my mind... you wrote Yosh and I went to pro.. what an idiot... the upside is , yes, I think the jetting recommendations are similar... I'm going to pop over to Bausch & Lomb now to look for glasses
  14. heykenny

    Oregon Dunes?

    the only times I've gone this early in the year.. the word of the day is WET.. actually many words... wet, cold, miserable.. itchy.. anything northwest related is about the weather... of course, you know that
  15. I'm a little heavier than you, but I make up for it by being slow.... My first change was .49 fork springs.. it balanced things out nicely. the increase in spring rate can in fact make a suspension feel SOFTER.. by keeping the bike propped up and out of the harsh range of either the linkage rising rate(rear) or the dramatic rise in air chamber pressure (front forks). in addition, especially for the rear, a proper spring requires less initial preload. this can drastically improve the "feel" of the suspension by allowing the spring to react to smaller impacts.. there is nothing more frustrating IMO than a suspension that is both harsh and mushy at the same time