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  1. justanotherider

    Cheapest way to pull easy wheelies?

    You might consider going up 2 or 3 teeth on the rear sprocket as well; but that will reduce your top speed. When you've decided it's time to hoist it up, it's really cost effective to have the rear brake covered with your toe...
  2. justanotherider

    Bedliner on case gaurds?

    I just took a quick look on the Canadian Tire site, and see you can buy spray cans of a similar product, so I assume you could get a similar product at NAPA, or any other autoparts store: http://reviews.canadiantire.ca/9045/0477904P/reviews.htm
  3. justanotherider

    Calling all WR250F’s

    sloonor-cal: I wonder if your air filter is dirty, if your spark plug is fried; or if you've done all of the speed mods that are readily available. It seems to me that as well as emissions control devices, there was a throttle governor on your bike that could be removed. For what it's worth, my son rides a WR250, and it flat rips - faster than a stock 450 crosser of it's era. It does have a full Hindle exhaust system, along with all the basic emissions and throttle mods. What ever the issue, I'm pretty sure your son is loving the situation! justanotherider
  4. justanotherider

    Electrical Help.

    Kirk: I have very little eletrical experience or knowledge; however, I wonder if you didn't get an accumulation of dust in the end of your plug wire? I'd try blowing it out with some compressed air, (wearing appropriate eye protection), firmly replacing it back on the plug, and giving it another try. Failing that, I'd be asking a technician at my dealer for a tip. justanotherider
  5. justanotherider

    Trail tire??

    mikey: I do some winter tire changes, and find that heating up the sidewalls with a heat gun a bit makes mounting a lot easier. justanotherider
  6. justanotherider

    Apply grease to your air filter?

    I use white lithium grease. I just put a fairly thin layer on the rim of filters and put 'em in place - easier said than done on some models... justanotherider
  7. justanotherider

    Trail tire??

    I've had good performance with MAXXIS tires: http://www.maxxis.com/MotorcycleATV/Off-road.aspx justanotherider
  8. justanotherider

    shock does not return when I push down on the seat

    I've raced in -35 degrees. I'd say it's pretty darned unlikely to be temperature related. I have seen a shock seal blow in extremely cold weather; but never seen a shock fail to return due to cold. justanotherider
  9. justanotherider

    05CRF250x Carb advice needed

    I'm no wrench; but it sounds like the valves have tightened up to me... justanotherider
  10. justanotherider

    Oil out of breather- no no no no no no !

    Crank case breather line plugged???
  11. justanotherider

    Broke my Femur! WOO! **New Pics on page 3**

    MXboy: Looks to me like maybe you should ease up on the intensity of your checking. If you're hitting guys so hard your knock them unconscious, and break your femur, it seems you're taking things more than a little over the line. It's a game after all - not combat... justanotherider
  12. justanotherider

    Tell me about the RT180

    If the bike has been sitting long, I'd check the needle and seat on the carb before changing the float level. I had an older one, and loved the low-end torque. I wouldn't recommend jumping it much, as I don't recall the suspension being really great. Seems to me I broke the end off my sternum on the gas cap of mine, when I came up short on a double - another lesson learned... justanotherider
  13. justanotherider

    what should i buy?

    John: If you were my kid, I'd feel better if you spent the cash on good safety gear, unless there is a problem with your bike that needs fixing; but then I'm an old guy who has seen lotsa injuries over the years. Have a very happy Christmas, and don't forget to give your Granny a great bigh hug! justanotherider
  14. justanotherider

    DRZ touring racks

    You might want to consider the Caribou setup. They have a reputation for being tough enough to crash on repeatedly, particularly if you purchase the Pelican cases: http://cariboucases.com/store/?name=Home justanotherider
  15. justanotherider

    gritty trani fluid should i change?

    Hegarty: I don't know anything about your particular bike; but if your transmission oil is dirty or (OMG!) gritty, I would recommend flushing it and changing it asap. I'd put the best quality oil recommended for it into the tranny, run it till it's warmed up, dump the oil and put the same high quality oil back in it. justanotherider