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    YZ timed???

    WHOOO HOOOO its done but havent tryed it yet........ the rest of the bike is apart im doing some other things to it.. :-( awww no more free beeee mods but i cant leave well alone and must fine other performance mods.. Ty for all the help JoeJOe
  2. JoeJoeMX121

    YZ timed???

    LOL as of retainer as carfull as i am i did drop it but got it out with no problem lol... and it was the intak that was off a tooth...(What would be power loss or any other problem with that being off that tooth)?? i didnt notice it all to much Me and good friend put a rod bering in it last summer and when we put it back togeather i know it was lined up square?? any chance of skipping a tooth?? When i did lower end i put a new timming chain on was kined and stiff heard that was a common thing with these... but wil be reasembling tommarow TY JoeJoe
  3. JoeJoeMX121

    YZ timed???

    TY all for your help i Got it now!!!! come to find out when i took it apart the intake side was already off a tooth.. well will finish it tommarow n post results Ty again. JoeJoe!...
  4. JoeJoeMX121

    YZ timed???

    ok i do have it apart and then the punch marks on the gears r up and even with top of head i only come up with 8 links?? do u mean the link pins? and this is counting with tensioner on or backed off? TY JoeJoe!!
  5. JoeJoeMX121

    YZ timed???

    so it would be one tooth advanced (left) on the exaust cam? Sound simple and a 40 min job ty JoeJoe!!>........
  6. JoeJoeMX121

    Looking for stock YZ muffler.

    i got a 426 stock pipe that i cut down shorter. .. Kinda loud tho... Sounds cool JoeJoe...
  7. JoeJoeMX121

    YZ timed???

    Hello.. I am looking into changing my WR over to YZ timeing. Doing the job would be nothing at all for me.. Only thing is I Have not a clue on where to line marks up... Any help would be so great. JoeJoe..
  8. JoeJoeMX121

    Who rides in New England?

    Hey.. I live in easturn NY. ride NEMX on occation...!!