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  1. bmcinnis

    Any Central Ohio Riders?

    Sounds like a plan. We can start planning soon. I'm actually thinking about heading out into the snow with some guys I've been talking to on here. If that goes down I'll be sure to send you guys messages incase your up for it.
  2. bmcinnis

    Any Central Ohio Riders?

    I haven't to date, but will be looking to buy an MX bike sometime next year and will definitely want to head out to a few tracks.
  3. bmcinnis

    Idiots on ICE Ride?

    Sounds good...I assume you just screw one screw in through the back side of each nob?
  4. bmcinnis

    Idiots on ICE Ride?

    I'd be up for my first winter ride. Be sure to post as you start finalizing the location. Not having ridden in the area yet, I'm up for wherever. I'll do a little more research to get the right tires.
  5. bmcinnis

    Any Central Ohio Riders?

    Sounds good. When I first hit the sand in Arizona I hated it and took more spills that I care to remember. After awhile I learned how to ride in sand and actually started to really enjoy it. Looks like the same will happen now with mud. So, I'll be sure there are people around as I go through my "mud training". Should be good for a few laughs.
  6. bmcinnis

    Any Central Ohio Riders?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll definitely be diving into all the threads to hunt down some good riding areas. I do have a Baja Kit on my 250X now, so I have turn signals and a break light. Although still dirt tires. In Arizona I had it plated, but to be "truly" legal I needed to change the tires. Thanks again for the replies. I'm already looking forward to spring and seeing if I can get groups to meet up at some locations for rides.
  7. bmcinnis

    Any Central Ohio Riders?

    Looks like it's been awhile since anyone has posted to this board, but if any of you are still around it'd be great to hook up with some riders in the Columbus area. I just moved to Dublin from Phoenix,AZ where I could leave my garage and ride on trails for hours. So, it's been a bit of a shock moving here. Although winter is coming I'd like to start getting things lined up for spring, unless there are some crazy winter riders...which I've never done. Anyway, I look forward to meeting central Ohio riders.
  8. bmcinnis

    Any landowners looking for a riding buddy?

    Not sure if that invite is open to everyone, but I just moved here from Arizona...just in time for the cold. I live in Dublin and trying to find places to ride around here seems to be impossible. I'd be more than happy to help ya build that track you were talking about and see if we can't get some good riding in.