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  1. You have both, oil and tranny fluid. If the 02 is the same as the 05, the drain plug for the tranny fluid is to the left of the shifter basically, sounds like you already found the oil. As far as how much oil to add, you want to add .69L and for the tranny, .59L(Again, I think the 02 and 05 are the same). Also, oil goes in on the left side, tranny on the right.
  2. As long as I dont get hit by the richochet (sp) anywhere in the desert. Just pick up your shells.........
  3. You will be ok if you take the 5, as long as you are in or past downtown LA before 6 am.....
  4. I thought of another one, might have been done before.....
  5. Yeah, people forget about the Crue's first album. I always thought it would be a cool song for a video....
  6. How about this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTRjgNzwY2I
  7. The right gear is whatever you like. Whether it matches or not, you have to ride in it, who cares what anyone thinks!
  8. I cannot believe I read this whole thread. Time I will never get back....
  9. Supercross

    Is there a link to a live feed. I cant seem to find one.
  10. Spark arrestor, ss oil filter, and a nice long ride yesterday.
  11. Have you tried adjusting your jetting? My bike did the same thing last year, adjusted the jetting and the bike ran fine afterword.
  12. I never post here, just enjoy the talk. This is a really sore subject with me. Like everyone else, I always bring extra bags with me. On my way out of my riding spot, I stop at campsites and pick up other peoples trash. To me, the desert is more beautiful than any island and can't understand why people would trash it. I'm not a great rider by any means, and have not been riding very long compared to most on this site, but I understand the importance of keeping our riding areas clean. Not that we need any more laws, but there should be some sort of pamphlet(sp?), somethiing, for new bike buyers on how to treat our riding areas (too bad people need to be taught common sense). Just me rambling, could'nt sleep and stumbled upon this.......
  13. I have a Acerbis beer coozie that I got for free at Glen Helen about 6 years ago. Still keeps the hand from freezing on the ice cold beers!
  14. Depends where I ride. For breakfast either Del Taco, Whopper King or Carl's. Tried to eat at Wienerschnitzel, but two hot dogs w/ extra cheese and onion doesn't sit well flying thru a whooped out desert. Lunch time, usually a Miller Light, some Dorritos and a water......
  15. Supercross

    I think I saw it was going to be shown live on SPEED channel at 7 PM PST.