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  1. Hi fellow suzook boys&girls, well I finally got made my choice the 250 over the 400,mostly due to money,but hopefully I won,t be disappointed I,m thinking of fitting dual purpose tyres,as Iwill be commuting to work during the week and hitting the trails on weekend.Just like your op,s on the dual tyres,well great to be part of the team,will post again when I get my DR,cheers the Wiz.
  2. Wizzer

    Drz400e V Drz250

    Thanks for the advice guys,while im here whats the the best mod you can do first for a new 400e.
  3. Wizzer

    Drz400e V Drz250

    Hi guys,been to the Suzy dealer and sat on both bikes,the 400 was quite tall for me I was tippy toe,the 250 was just right.I have not ridden either bike yet.But the 400 was so trick I fell in luv with it.I raced mx 25 years ago,just c grade and have not ridden a dirt bike since.I just want a reliable fun bike,Iam 5,9 82kg what do you guys think is the way to go
  4. Wizzer

    First ride on the DRZ

    Hello,Ive not yet rode a DR400 yet but Iam seriously considering one,from what I have read on the net road tests etc, it seems the perfect bike for me.My brother has just bought a KLX300,I have rode that and was very impressed.As I will be getting my bike in 07, does anyone think the 07,s will be much different from the 06,thank you.
  5. Wizzer

    New or used DRZ?

    hi from aussie, im considering drz400e or drz400s which is the better bike,thanks for any help or advice.