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  1. calxi

    2 new Husqvarnas sitting in the garage

    George recommends 1.5 Qts. Ive been trying everything between 1.7L ans 1.5L so far. Nice bikes BfB!
  2. calxi

    CT70'rs-need some help

    It's a K0, 1970 or '71. H models are great and a smidge faster than the atuo's. http://www.hondatrail70.com/ct70id.htm I have one that I'm doing a 9 point, maybe 8 depending on time and $'s, restore on. Just finished a ruby red K0.
  3. calxi

    Oh man, I have a sickness.

  4. calxi

    How many hrs/miles on your 450 or 510

    1,100 miles on an '07TE510. Don't remember hours. 95% dirt with 40% of that at Stoneyford. Replaced countershaft O-ring and adjusted 3 of the 4 valves to the loose side of spec. (heck it was so easy I got picky). Zero "problems".
  5. calxi

    Oh man, I have a sickness.

    It appears your sold on the DRZ. Just get it. Used ones go for quite cheap as Coffee mentoined. Then flip it next spring. Personally, I'd take a plated 650R over the DRZ, but I think you nixed that in one of your earlier posts.
  6. Multiple bikes seems to be the direction I'm heading back to. I've been trying to find that one, do all, bike and darn near hit it with the Husky 510. But then there's times I wanted just a touch more street worthiness...or just a tad lighter and flickable for the technical. Right now I throw on a 13 tooth front for Stoney and trying a 16 tooth for the 200 mile desert run next Saturday. Still wonderiing why I'm not taking the big red pig on that ride!? If the Husky performs well the pig may be on the chopping block. At this very moment, I'm thinking that an '07 or later KTM 525 paired with a Husky TE250 with a 300 kit would be a great combo. gimme 15 seconds and I'll change my mind....again! Good luck.
  7. Anybody see the article in CycleNews, August '07 issue #30, page 54? Very interesting.
  8. calxi

    Broken Throttle cable, which one to order?

    http://www.motionpro.com/search/motorcycle/black_vinyl_oe_replacement_cables/ Also sells throttle housing
  9. calxi

    Blowing shift to 2nd...should I be concerned?

    Same issue with my 510...occasionally grab N. I've been planning on moving the lever down a notch as mentioned above. Never had a problem with this on my other bikes.
  10. calxi

    Clutch problems XRR.

    Be sure your not running an oil with any Moly additive's.
  11. calxi

    XR650L vs DRZ400S

    Readers Digest version: 650L and DRZ400 more 50/50 (give or take) type bike. Husky 510 is dirt bike with a plate. KTM 525 is a bit more road worthy than the Husky. Plated 650R just plain fun but a workout on the technical.
  12. calxi

    big tanks on the 510 ....

    I went the same route as WR Tom. In fact, PM'd him and made my decision after corresponding. Run a Clark with great results for years on the 650R. IMHO, it offers same if not a touch more air flow to the bike than the stock tank, and carb access is just as good, and radiator protection is fair too. The clencher is the ability to switch back the ot he OEM tank for Stoneyford rides in less than 15 minutes. Or back to the higher center of gravity tank (noticable first 30 miles or so) for rides like those betweeen hwy 20 and 49 and back. I'm about function over form even though you get both with Husky. I bought a second Husky petcock for about $18, and two additional shrouds (don't recall the $ but not bad at all) and swap depending on the ride style and distance. Oh, and a milk crate to hold the extra shrouds and the fuel tank off the ground and off the petcock. Very happy. Sorry for the rotated image...still learing...PC to Mac convert.
  13. calxi

    Valve check & re-shim video

    Looks like another quality product is coming from the studios of Coffee. Looking forward to it. The 510 is coming due.