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  1. Warrior1053

    '06 450 Durability?

    I knew you were lurking out there somewhere. my "exact problem" is the fly in the ointment cam chain/tensioner. it has been posted that it may be the weak link in the marvelous and well documented durability. everyone agrees (thanks guys) everything else is bullet-proof, but when that weak link goes on the face of a jump, one has a grenaded motor to rebuild after the carpenters fix the femur. know what i mean? care to speculate on the replacement interval on this part(s) good sir?. i failed to spend the xtra cash when i had the top end replaced...even though it was not recommened...my mistake of course...
  2. Warrior1053

    06 450 and 2010 450 fork tube circumference?

    let us know what you find out...the frame handled like crap. i went to a different offset, albeit with "06 model aftermarkets. it helped, and they fit, since it was for the '06 model specifically.
  3. Warrior1053

    '06 450 Durability?

    grayracer is pretty vocal on various issues on this forum, i guess he passed on this one even though political correctness is usually reserved for the "uppers" at yamaha--gotta stay away from the durability issues i guess and just sell those new bikes!!!! no money to be made by common folk keeping older bikes.....
  4. Warrior1053

    '06 450 Durability?

    Thanks guys, the consenses always points to the same answer with Yami owners. Most new bike buying is for the freshness, which is admittedly nice, but after ~15 bikes now, I'm getting sick of throwing money to the dealer. It used to be worth it since resale was decent, but nowadays, you don't really get anything back, so it seems another 50 hours doesn't cost that much....might just keep it for a trail bike even.
  5. Warrior1053

    06 450 and 2010 450 fork tube circumference?

    Won't work. The head tube was longer on the '06. They made subsequent head tubes shorter, by I think by about 4-8 millimeters. It was a Yami's effort to start getting the '06's handling problems under control.
  6. Warrior1053

    '06 450 Durability?

    I have an '06 450 with 109 Vet ridden hours on the meter. I am the original owner. I have ridden only on hardpack and only a few times in mud--of which I cleaned well. I only weigh 150 lbs and don't feel that I am putting high loads on the tranny and clutch at all--at least it doesn't feel like it. I had a shop install a Weisco top end kit on it and hone the cylinder at 75 hours. They said the top end was is great condition. I have had the forks and shock serviced 3 times. The whole bike is in prisitne condition. I am currently cash strapped for an '11 and have had a few freinds tell me that I don't need a new bike--that my Yami 5-valve has alot of time left on it. Any comments on the hour durability of this bike?
  7. Warrior1053

    Engine Oil

    The manual states to use 40 weight "SG" oil. If one looks at the specs for engine oils, they are all different..eg...SM, SL, ect. The oil at the shops like MAXIMA and so on have friction modifiers and "tri-metal" types of additives, but since the Yamaha's share the trans and top end, if feel they shouldn't be used. So, what is the recommended stuff?
  8. Warrior1053

    Where are the Hoosiers?

    Grew up in munster...left IN in 1984, used to ride at "Griffith south park"...bikes were pretty much pieces of crap back then, who the heck can rife MX in NW indiana? All I remember is getting chased by cops! I spent most of my rding time doing that..hell if i could have actually been practicing I may have ended up a decent rider! Nobody...and i mean nobody knew of or appreciated anything about any motorcycling around that area...unbelievable! but they know who was the friggin quarterback for the whatever football or basketball was that was for sure...
  9. Warrior1053

    Yamaha Dealers in St. Louis.

    hello gents..is there any mx and/or good off-road in the greater ST Louis area? That area is one of the places that my company provides relocation opprotunites for, I figure if the promotion cash was good enough AND there was any decent riding, maybe i'd consider? thanks to all you st louis boys!