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  1. I think they may as well take the the plunge and develop a out of the box street legal X. Think of how many Orange riders would be Red if they did. I know at my place of employment there is a whole gang of guys who currently own plated off road/race bikes. and would love to buy new bikes in the coming years with out the uncertainty of being able to make the bikes street legal our selves.
  2. Ive seen this happen before. It was caused by a large rock coming in contact with the chain guard. Lucky for my buddy I keep a assortment of zipties with me when i ride. We limped it back to the truck and he had it welded later that week. I dont think he has had any problems since then.
  3. I've read quite a few posts on how much suspension setup helps on TT. Recently I discovered my right fork seal was leaking. I logisized having it re valved and re sprung for my weight (220 lbs.)while i was having the seals replaced. Lemme say what a difference it makes. I went on a ride yesterday and realized how much energy I have been wasting for the last 2 years with an improper suspension set up. I was riding faster with less effort then before. So to all of you who recommended this, Thanks! and to anyone on the heavy side like me, this is definitely something to make a budget for.
  4. When I'm at work i park it in a locked yard. I have those same fears though(about it being stolen). Really they are light enough that someone who wants to can throw it in the back of a pickup and take off. I have a ignition/run switch that looks like a headlight bright /low beam dimmer that throws my friends off when they go to ride it.
  5. Yes the valves make some noise on this bike that you wouldn't hear on a 2-stoke. It is especially noticeable if you have not removed the exhaust baffle(louder exhaust drowns out some of the noise), or if you have a skid plate on. I'm not sure about your clutch noise though.
  6. I had a leaky CS seal i noticed last week when i replaced my chain/sprockets. Oil was on the bolt as i pulled it off. I had let dirt(mainly chain grease/sludge) accumulate behind the CS sprocket and muck up the seal. I pulled the metal spacer off and cleaned everything and it has stopped the leak. I imagine if i rode in mud more I would have more problems than I've had, but for now the seal is still in good shape. I'm riding on the original suspension seals as well.
  7. AMEN:applause:
  8. Ya hard starting is a definite tell. I shimmed mine right away the first time they went out. The second time I waited till I couldn't start it any more(probably not the best idea)
  9. Not a bad idea to give those valves a quick check now and then. I think if they are that new and were out, they probably came that way. These valves go for a long time if you keep up on your air cleaner maintenance and stay off the rev limiter. I have had my X for 3 years now, I commute to work in the summers on it and have done a hand full of desert races. After well over 10,000 miles I just replaced my valves with a stainless set the only valve with visible wear was the left intake(it had been shimmed 1 time already and was totally cupped out). I also put a new piston in and had the head ported. She is all back together ans singing like a bird.
  10. For some of these same reasons I refuse to buy anything from my local dealership.
  11. This post brings out my sensitive side, because those pictures make me want to cry
  12. Hmmm sounds familiar. I had a similar experience at a desert race last summer. Only thing i can figure is that as my bike sat on its kick stand at the starting line for an hour on uneven ground, it was tilted to far and the gas slowly leaked out of the tank. I hit reserve a mile from the pits and it was only a 40 mile loop. Second loop i did not hit reserve.
  13. There you go!
  14. I have a WC plate and have had difficulties changing my oil filter for this very reason. I'm guessing I hit a large rock/tree stump and bent the guard into the engine case(on th filter side). I would hate to think what would have happened if i had not purchased it:crazy: . So my remedy was to grab a pair of vise grips and slowly tweak the guard back in to place.
  15. Gratz man way to represent !