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    Everything to do with the outdoors, guitar, hockey, reading, sleeping in.
  1. suzy suzuki

    Hand guard help

    I went to put my hand guards on yesterday (Acrebis) and ran into a bit of a problem. I got the left side on fine but when I cut into the rubber on the right side I noticed that the throttle has an end cap with a small hole in it. I can't insert the screw/nut expander set-up into the bar. Can I just drill a bigger hole? And will the throttle still turn freely after the expander set-up is fully open inside the handlebar? Thanks for any help...
  2. suzy suzuki

    Torque Wrench???

    I want to buy my first torque wrench tomorrow (for 05 DRZ125L). I know I will need more than one wrench to do the whole bike, but I can only afford one at a time. My question is what is the best wrench to start with, a 3/8 in/lbs? I just want to do a few simple things first (oil changes, air filter checks...). Thanks for any advise.
  3. suzy suzuki

    not sure how to describe.private ?

    I just bought a new bike and I felt like I was spending a lot of money. Here is how I look at it. If I am going to give this a shot I want to do it right. As well, bikes are re-selling for great prices, you should not lose a lot of money in the deal. The worst thing to do to someone who is not sure about something in the first place is to give them reasons or excuses to opt out without giving it the old college try! First impressions are hard to overcome. Good luck...
  4. suzy suzuki

    Another newbie - Calgary riders?

    This is great! Thanks for the welcomes!!
  5. suzy suzuki

    Another newbie - Calgary riders?

    Hi Ladies, I am new to TT and a new dirt rider. I just picked up my new bike (05 DRZ125L) last Friday and got 2 days of “riding” in before we finally got some real winter weather. I say “riding” as I was just riding around in a field for a bit, but I worked on changing gears, stopping and turning while breaking the bike in a little. I loved it and can’t wait till spring!! I was so excited to pick up my bike and I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I could not sleep all Friday night in anticipation of riding Sat! I was so glad to see that there are other women with the same dreams, hopes and fears as me. I am 34, so I am not a spring chicken any more. All my girlfriends think I am crazy! They do nothing but sit around, smoke, drink and b*tch about everything. Thankfully, I have some great guy friends that helped me pick out the bike, get the right gear and offer a field to start riding in. Now as great as these guys are, they have all been riding since small children, so there is no way I will be able to keep up with them this summer. I know they will help me out and take me along when they can, but I don’t want to slow them down all the time. So, finally, here is my question: Are there any women in the Calgary area that would want to go riding with a beginner? I had a small street bike in my early 20’s, so I am not that out of the loop – just out of practice. I love a challenge and I am not afraid of a few scrapes. I will also take any advise people want to throw my way, I know the first thing to do is to get out and have some fun riding! Can’t wait to meet some other riders!