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    Love to Hillclimb and ride sleds
  1. ryan c

    any trick to startin the 426??

    Had the same problem with mine at first very frustrating but youll get it, Rule of thumb NO THROTTLE also 90% of the time even on first start of the day the hot start will work better than the choke, every time you stahll it or dump it use the hot start dont bother kicking with out it. As in for starting roll the kick starter till its tight pull the de comp- lever move the kick starter an inch or so, let go of the de-comp lever and give her a good kick... my wifes just started ridding and she can start mine now...just got to get the feel for it... dont give up youll love the bike...
  2. Sounds to me like your stahling problems and your running hot problems are all caused by running LEAN turn that air fuel screw OUT a 1/4 turn....
  3. ryan c

    under water yz 426

    Me personally id buy it as long as it wasnt running you know it diddnt bend a rod. Pull the exaust make sure its dry drain the oil clean the carb, pull the plug out and turn it over several times to clear the cylinder, youll be good to go.. I would change the oil again after each ride for the first couple just to make sure you got all the condesation out, me personally would be happy it drowned sounds like a thousand dollars or so cheaper for an hours worth of work...But the choice is yours...
  4. ryan c

    01 YZ 426 Stalls while jumping

    If that dosent do it back the fuel screw out a 1/4 turn, ive also noticed on my o1 that if your spark plug comes loose just a little bit it will stahl like that i rode mine for 2 1/2 weeks with a loose plug fighting stahlling issues I re jetted and everything all over a loose plug..might be something to check...
  5. ryan c

    426 stalling in the turns.

    Back your air/fuel screw out a 1/4 turn sounds like your running lean, also if your much further than 2 turns out now change your pilot jet, hope it helps...
  6. ryan c

    Missed Shifts - 426

    I have an 01 426 and at first had the same problem, it's you not used to the bike, Everyone who rides my bike has the same problem when there not used to it.
  7. ryan c

    urgently need 426 cylinder block!!

    The only yamaha shop in Delta Utah. has one sitting on the counter that some one brought in for a bore and never came back for they will make u a good deal on it im sure i dont remember there name but it wont be hard to get in the yellow pages or on line... hope this helps ya..
  8. ryan c

    yzf 400 carb hesitation

    Clean yor accelerator pump on your carb its simple, and its your soulotion to yor problem
  9. mine is an 01 426 rode often I checked them yesterday for the !st time EVER to be checked and there right in the middle. WHO NEEDS A STINKING VALE DROP"N HONDA
  10. ryan c

    01 426; do I need the 450 cam mod?

    I have an o1 426 and was going to do the cam mod but to be honest with you im glad i diddnt ive heard of to many problems with the timing issues and reliability afterwards. I have done a lot of checking though, and a YAMAHA 450 cam will just do away with the commpresion release they say if your gonna do it use a HOT CAMS so you at least gain performance, as in for starting belive it or not once you get the procedure down for your bike not just the 426 but your bike they all start different they are one of the easyiest starting four strokes in the world. no throttle and only use the hot start if you stall it and dont go to far past TDC when kicking it over.
  11. ryan c

    Mobile 1 vs. Yamalube 4

    me personaly I would use a good quality oil of wich is available to you, I too had the problem of wall mart being my only choice we recently have gotten a yamaha dealer in the town i live in, but it really sucks to drive a hundred miles to the nearest city wich in my case is SLC UT.. to get oil.. Just do not use a regular automotive oil... In most places u can also get BEL RAY wich is not bad oil Either,
  12. ryan c

    Please Help Asap

    I hane an 01 YZ 426 and am getting ready for the series of hillclimbs the Great American and Widow Maker. I Am In DESPERATE need of swing arm extensions preferably adjustable, however "4 in" would work... If anyone has any info on where to find them Quick.. Please Let Me know....
  13. ryan c

    Valve adjustments

    Can anyone tell me the specs and procedures on an 01 426 for valve tolerances, and shimming etc. thanks for any help that can be given......
  14. ryan c

    seat issues

    I know ktm offers an enduro type seat thats very plush iv got to do something for the yz though
  15. ryan c

    seat issues

    I have an 01 426 and love the bike, but hate the seat after a good hard ride or just a bruttle whhop section it really starts to hurt anyone know of any aftermarket, or softer seats out there?