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  1. kalla

    Handlebar risers KTM EXC

    maybe the fastway footpegs will help they can be mount as low boy little (lower and backwards)
  2. kalla

    Braking when standing up

    try to use only one finger on the front there is no need for more than one or maybe two fingers on the front brake adjust levers for relaxed position while standing do not sit on your bike!!!!! practice only braking the front, then the rear and both brakes together try this on straights after that go and do some 00000000000000000000 and after that 88888888888888888888888888888888888888
  3. kalla

    2009 KTM Line up ?

    still waiting for a 350:worthy: hope they bring it out 09
  4. kalla

    exc250 vs te250

    hi i´m a ktm guy love my 450 exc 2003 but it have to much power for me so i like to switch to a 250 i rode a exc250 08 last week it´s a good bike but i´m could not get used to it´s rasor sharp handling this bike is a little to nervous for me plenty of power and a litte stiff suspension, fels better in faster sektions have anyone had the chance to compare these two bikes??
  5. kalla

    EXC 450 or 530?

    most 530 driver´s told me the 530s is the better 450 both have nearly the same horsepower delivery but there is more torque in a big bore this is why it is rolling like a tractor the 450 engine is litte more agressive my 450 exc 2003 is hard to ride she always try to tear out my arms
  6. kalla

    Help to choose my next bike

    mine ktm exc 450 is much to strong for me maybe the more linear power of the husky will be much better to control but i think the 450 are to strong and it´s not easy to build up enough traction in slippery situations my next bike will be a 250 4t husky ktm yamaha they have enough power and are much easier to ride if you must have more power ad on a 300 kit you will have the best bike ever friend of mine have a 2005 exc 250 which was lacking power so he put on a 350 kit and now he has the best ktm i have ever ridden:ride: it´s more fun to have the bike under controll
  7. kalla

    First Impressions TE250

    great give us more plse:applause: waiting for your first track report i´m still not sure if i should buy a cheap wr 250f or if i should wait and buy a fine looking husky
  8. this is from an article in a german bike magazine it´s a comparison between nine enduro bikes from 2008 the hqv finished 4 place out of 9 enduro bikes ranking 1 honda crf 450x 2 ktm exc 450 r 3 kawa klx 450 r 4 hqv te 450 5 beta rr 4t 450 6 yam wr 450 f 7 gas gas ec 450 fsr 8 sherco 4.5i 4t 9 husaberg fe 450e scource motorrad 03 18.01.2008 germany sorry couldn´t scan the magazine but i think in german it won´t help anything they wrote about the hqv the bike has the best traction, suspension and most power in the field overall the bike is very easy to ride cause of the tractor like engine and good handling the bad thing is that the fork was leaking after a few hours the muffler burns your boots and the engine vibrates very strong in mid rpm like to hear more field test from from you after the first bikes have arrived special from the te 250
  9. kalla

    Rekluse Auto Clutch

    i think it´s a very cool mod but i´m sceptical the rekluse is best combined with the rear brake on the left but than you loose the clutch an without the clutch weehlies will be very difficult how do i place the front down at the right spot all with brake and gas control??? think this will be hard and speed will be lost and how do i lift the front without my clutch i couldn´t lift my wheel over a log this must be a very different technique than usual still not sure
  10. i have only one you sell dirtbikes, so make sure that there are places to ride