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  1. ...a guy was sent to the hospital with severe lacerations and broken bones from a barbed wire fence erected by the Greenies. He didn't stop for them so they put two strands across the trail, which couldn't be seen. When he came through on his way back he got snagged...nearly decapitated. This has gone too far...
  2. ...I've never used the decompression lever for my YZ250f. What is the best proceure to remove this or is it best to leave it entact?
  3. YZ250 & 450...i've been mixing just over 8 oz of octane (less than 2 teaspoons) to 2.5 gal of 91 grade Super out of the pump and 6oz to 93. after lots of testing i found this isn't too rich for stock carb adjustment and a pleasant benefit. i'm told it is best to use as close to pure octane as possible...
  4. ...i use the trick dualsport-kit with my wr 450 and it is great. Endurance digital spedo...did all YZ mods & the thing screams...
  5. thanks again for the started when I was 50 trail-miles from home. the clutch plate & spring replacement went well...except for 5th gear still the way it felt when 5th finally stopped working falls in line with losing dog simply slipped more frequently until the gear vanished. there was no grinding sounds during the brief test ride following the clutch-kit installation or metal in the oil afterward it seems from other posts that there is probably something stuck somewhere which will cause problems eventually...this will be fixed before I make it worse.
  6. ...mine is a 2003. Thank you all at TT for saving my bike! ...good info. My fear of doing some things is merely because the explanations in Clymer's or the Yam service manual use tools I don't have and have never used. Should I pay my shop to do it? They want to do the Top-End at the same time. What would be a reasonable shop charge for this? Can a rookie machanic buy the tools and attempt this with a realistic hope for success?
  7. ...the friction & clutch plates are new. the clutch basket tines are quite smooth where the plates touch the basket (no ridges or bumps). the pushrods & ball seemed to be in fine condition. the plates are showing good action. all gears but 5th are fine. this gear has almost completely vanished... the 250f o.k. to run as a 4 speed? I never use 5th at the MX track anyway, but don't want to make things worse. I didn't feel or hear any grinding when it happened it just started to slip a little and a little is more like a second neutral. what are the best options? thanks in advance for the help. should the top-end be done also?
  8. cheap = mediocre experience KTM EXC 400 => good time Yamaha WR 450 => fat power w/ YZ mods XRs & KLX are a standard...but strain to keep up with the bikes above. baja kits needed but worth the extra $$$...there's no comparison at all between the KLX, XR, EXC & WR and the applesauce varieties: DR or XT or KLR... save/spend the money, be happy
  9. 1981 ORV Management Plan, as amended in 1985 this is legislation governing dirtbike access to the National Seashore trails on Cape Cod. Notice that none of the committee groups supported riders...beach buggy's yes, riders no. The need for a new rule and the use of the negotiated process was motivated by a number of events including legislative requirements, past litigation, management issues and inflexibility of the existing rule to deal with changing conditions such as the use of the corridor by the piping plover. The negotiated rulemaking process was an attempt to manage off-road vehicle (ORV) access Specifically, the Committee consisted of members from the following organizations: 1. Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod 2. Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce 3. Cape Cod Commission 4. Cape Cod Salties 5. Citizens Concerned for Seacoast Management 6. Conservation Law Foundation 7. Eastham Forum 8. Highland Fish and Game Club 9. Massachusetts Audubon Society 10. Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association 11. Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management 12. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection 13. Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife 14. Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries 15. National Park Service 16. Sierra Club 17. Town of Chatham 18. Town of Eastham 19. Town of Orleans 20. Town of Provincetown 21. Town of Truro 22. Town of Wellfleet 23. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Each organization selected one representative to sit at the table. This person spoke and made commitments for that organization. Only representatives were allowed to participate in the formal discussions. All participants at the table had an equal voice. To avoid problems with unbalanced votes on one ``side,'' the negotiated rulemaking was done as a consensus process (every organization had veto authority). VETO AUTHORITY....VETO AUTHORIYT? Would/should a rider's group be considered for the next revision of this legislation? How does an organization gain an effective status? What would invoke an official review of current legislation? ...the Beach Buggy Club? Do beach buggys out-number riders? seriously, does anyone have any ideas as to how best to deal with revising the current legislation or at least having riders represented during the rule making process?
  10. ...doesn't it seem more likely to get busted riding if all the riding gets closed-down? The reality of Outer Cape Cod is that there is NO dirtbike or atv riding allowed in the National Seashore property. Jeep permits are available in certain areas. The power-lines (bordering the federal land) seem to be fair game for dirtbikes...except for some private land owners. Will funding the Forest Service have any effect on the ability to ride on the National Seashore trail system? Some of those trails long outdate the National Seashore's presence. Currently the National Seashore maintains most of the trails for themselves, hikers & equestrians with a group of rangers, volunteers & tax dollars...and do a great job of it. They also have rangers with ATVs "patrolling". Legally riding the trails means trading your bike for a huge ATV and your clothes for a green uniform with a brimmed hat and badge. How do riding regulations in these federal areas get changed? Are these Federal Laws? Why are some Parks friendly to dirtbikes and not the Park on Cape Cod. What are the determining factors for a Park to be "bike friendly"? Is it simply based on the demands of the community? Do the legislators think it is better to force riders to go renegade where too few riders exist to have a strong voice? I must be missing something....
  11. ...hey, do you wonder why he put the fence over the whole trail? there's no need to punish everyone for the actions of a few. if you were in his position would you fence over the whole thing? why not allow a small passage? this doesn't make sense to me, especially since he's a unfortunate decision for whatever reason. it looks like more plants were damaged installing the new fence than decades of riders caused to that land, so it is fair to assume that it isn't an environmental conservation effort. your question is a very important one, though. the answer is problematic... riders possibly get more value from this land than anyone. we should protect everything about it; plant ecology, trails, feeding territories...including safe & legal access for riders. riders on the cape need to unite to present an organized group for dealing with the concerns of the community, or it will vanish. ...let's ride before it's gone.
  12. EXPENSIVE RIDE I know a few poeple who have been stopped riding on the Cape. The Feds will send a team of Biologists out to asses the damages: the report will contain a GPS map, a list of plant & terrain damage, the estimated cost of repair & the over-all environmental impact. In one of these cases the car, bikes & trailer were all impounded. The fines are decided by a judge (court dates)...the fines range from $1200 to over $6000 each. The local police also have ATVs & radios. They are considerably more hungry for riders, it seems. BE Careful!!! It will have seemed easier to trailer you bikes to Maine after getting problems in Vacationland, just be respectful.