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  1. chokeonthis

    A little help?

    what is your elevation? did you check the cooling system...
  2. chokeonthis


    okay i spent an hour changing my rear tire and ended up with bruised knuckles and worst of all, i put it on back-wards.... is it okay to leave it.
  3. chokeonthis

    Knocking Noise CR 250

    knocking occurs when the fuel ignites itself without the spark plug.... for example the piston is on its way up to the spark plug but before it gets there the fuel ignites, slamming the piston down in mid-stroke (hence the knock... you were probably using old gas or a low octane.....
  4. chokeonthis

    Sell out to four stroke or not?

    any tips on how to clean an o-ring chain?
  5. chokeonthis

    Which Rear Tire

    narrowing down rear tire choices: -what type of terrain? -what is your price range? -experimenting with different tires can help you decide which style you prefer...