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  1. Hello all, I am trying to find out if the small track in Alberta, Virginia is still open or not. It is posted on a search for Motocross in Virginia and one of my friends has went there in the past. I tried to call the number today and it has been changed. Can anyone help on this issue? Thanks
  2. Irunwire

    mixing oil

    Hello all, I just bought my son a used 03 KX85 and need a little info. The previous owner told me he used Amsoil Dominator oil in it but did not tell me the ratio right away. Well the manual says 32:1 but Amsoil bottle says 50:1. I went ahead and mixed 50:1 and all seems well so far, still a little smoke while riding. Well, po left me a voicemail that said he ran it at 38:1 so now I am not sure what to do. Any ideas from the excellant knowledge base here? Next I have not checked compression yet but the bike is strong and starts on the first kick 95% of the time. How will I know when is ready for a new topend other than compression or should I just go ahead and throw a new piston and ring in it now? Not new to the 2-stroke just new to the idea of not being able to bore the cylinder and upsize the piston. Any help would be great and thanks for any info.
  3. Irunwire

    Need Help/Thinking of selling the 110

    Thanks for the reply GARhead, I was hoping to try and get $2000 for it. They have an 07 KX85 for $2500 at on of my local dealers. I am trying to part with an 83 ATC 250R, 06 CRF50 and the KLX also. Once again thanks
  4. Irunwire

    Need Help/Thinking of selling the 110

    Come on guys, nobody is willing to give there opinion?
  5. Irunwire

    How to lower a 110 slightly

    Wandell, To be honest with you IMO I would go with the 110. He will learn to ride it and do well on it. I bought both the CRF and the KLX and now he wants to go bigger already. I bought the CRF50 in Jan 06 and he was alredy to big for it, great salesman said he would be just fine, wrong!!!!! The KLX110 in June 06 and he is just right for it but not enough for him even after the big bore kit. Of course he is 11 now though. I am not sure of a way to lower the seat height but I am sure he would be just fine with it after a few rides.
  6. Hello all, my boy wants to step up and I am thinking of going to the KX85, but I need to part with the 110 first. I am looking for some ideas on what to ask for it. It is an 06 bought in June 06. It has a CHP manual cable clutch kit installed, a TB 143 complete kit with race head and ceramic coated cylinder installed, Two Bros air box removal kit with uni pod and outerwears cover, Yosh complete exhaust installed, ASV clutch and brake levers ,Michelin Starcross Tires with wheel lock and Two Bros chain guide installed. I have all the original parts and the factory manual that I purchased. This bike has only been rode on the trails behind my house and has about 30-40 hours total on the bike with 10-15 on the 143 kit. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=49586 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=49585
  7. Irunwire

    06 CRF50 Head problems

    turn8a, I am going to keep this one stock as he already has a 110 with a complete 143 BB kit on it and a manual clutch kit also. Towlieee, I may take you up on that offer, I just need a few days to figure out what I want to do. Thanks for the help so far.
  8. My son (10yrs old) decided he wanted to do some unsupervised maintainence of his 50 by changing the plug. Well he cross threaded it and instead of stoping he tried his hardest to tighten it, so now the top of the threads are completely washed out. He does a very good job helping me on his KLX110, I guess he was showing off for one of his friends. I was trying to find a tap to try and fix it but can not find a M10-1.0 anywhere local. What are the differences between an 05 head to an 06 head, if any at all, as there is one on ebay right now. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Please help!!!!!
  9. Irunwire

    looking at a 143 kit???

    Well I got the TB kit installed yesterday but I had a problem with it idling, I suspected and air leak and it most have been. I pulled the entire intake system off and sealed all the mating surfaces with a non permanent gasket sealer and everything is working great. I just to do some fine tuning on the carb though. I would reccomend the Trail Bikes kit to anyone looking for a 143 kit. It really makes the bike pull like a freight train now.
  10. Irunwire

    143 super head

    Chris, I just put the Trail Bikes complete 143 kit on and it is working great. I just need to tune the carb a little more. That kit comes with everything from the piston to the air filter for only 540. I can tell a big improvement right away. Hope this help some. Irunwire
  11. Irunwire

    looking at a 143 kit???

    Well, I went ahead and ordered the Trail Bikes kit. I called CHP and asked a few questions which I really did not care for the answers, no jets included as their kit is set up for their kit, that is an additional 30 dollars. I am not real sure but something was pulling me towards the TB kit. Thanks for all the info all.
  12. Irunwire

    looking at a 143 kit???

    So which kit would be better for the price. The Privateer Racing 143cc Race kit for 539.00, which the cylinder has a steel sleeve in it or the Trail bikes 143cc Bore Kit, Race Head and VM26mm Carb Performance Kit which has a Ceramic coated all aluminum cylinder (no steel sleeve) for 538.99 with free shipping. The only difference I see in the kits are no instructions with the TB kit but it looks like the CHP kit looks like it does not have any extra jets, plus the TB kit is only about 2 hours away. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks.
  13. Irunwire

    looking at a 143 kit???

    That is a good looking 110 Surfex. I was just thinking that I may go with an entire 143 kit. The Trail Bikes and CHP 143 kits are the same price but I think I may be leaning towards the CHP kit. I am not real sure how that Ceramic coating will last on the cylinder walls. At least with a steel sleeve if some thing happens it can be rebored. Plus with the kit you get a head and a carb. Thanks for the info.
  14. Irunwire

    looking at a 143 kit???

    I am looking for at a 143 kit for my boys 110. I already have a CHP Manual Clutch, Yosh pipe but still using stock air box. I am looking at either a CHP 143 kit or the Trail Bikes kit as he is spending his money. I know they are the low end kits but it is just for my boy doing mostly trail riding and some open trail riding. Anybody have any input on these kits and what kind of jetting am I looking at? Any thing will help. Thanks.
  15. Irunwire

    ASV Brake Lever

    Thanks for all the info guys. My boy really likes those ASV levers especially with the manual clutch. It really made a big difference with the clutch pull. Once again thanks.