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  1. tb146 with bvh and I have not had any leaks. Info listed below. •*Keep the oring at the base and remove the others. • Move the little metal bits over. Make sure to put them in the same place. • Put a small bead of permatex copper around the openings in the head gasket before installing. • Torque properly.
  2. Just a note that dratv is selling their radiator style oil coolers with adapter for $60 shipped on ebay. (Already got mine!) Better cooling AND low price. Buy two and run them inline for room temp oil for $120.
  3. The back end feels like you are riding on wet clay.
  4. Just buy a decent oil and change it often.
  5. Your carb float could be too low
  6. 12/10 is fun but it's kind of skittish. Larger wheel sizes handle better.
  7. I think if you teach your children to respect the bike and wear some protective gear, they should be okay. Down here in FLA ( ie deep south) the kids are always crashing their atvs into barbed wire fences, which results in horrible injuries like partial (or full) beheadings. They never have helmets on and they are never supervised.
  8. Sweet Mother of God. If you are accident prone, you really don't need a dirt bike.
  9. Yeah. First is still pretty low. First redlines at like 8 mph when stock.
  10. The B2 goes about 60 with the gearing at 17/37.
  11. Note to self: UPC = donkey balls
  12. I had to gear mine up from 15/41 to 17/37. I also installed an IRC rear tire and some new grips. Other than that it is great. The rear shock is ok after preloading it a little.
  13. Cops on fourfiddys and gypsies trying to cut you for your bike. Holy moly.
  14. I have had a B2 for a few months now and it is great. I changed the gearing to 17/37 (from 15/41) and installed some grips and an IRC 46m rear tire. Other than that, the bike is awesome.
  15. crack pipe