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  1. yophilly

    What the hell is this?! Please help!

    i would just clean the face of the piston and the back of that coin / plate; then apply a little weatherstrip adhesive (or similar) and glue it back on. Like william1 said, clean and lube the caliper slides and ride it! I don't think you need to rebuild the caliper....just my .02 yo
  2. yophilly

    Looking at new ATV's

    no thanks, I rode one for a day...torture....and forget trying to replace a starter The can am has a 'spar' frame. It's like a hollow 2x4 and vulnerable to denting. Especially if you cross RR tracks (I have to a lot). You cut open the rear of the frame at the hitch and slide in a reinforcement. I made the first one out of 3 pieces of 1 1/4 square tubing welded together, the 2nd bike got the fancy alloy jobbie....but it works the same. There's lots of tutorial videos how to do it.
  3. yophilly

    Looking at new ATV's

    I'm on my 2nd outlander 800 and I love it. I had a grizzly 660 and a brute force 750 prior. The can am needs skid plates,fender flares,and the frame reinforcement mod, but after that you're golden. It's a little different than working on a japanese machine (they through-bolt everything, very few captive nuts---minor gripe). It's FAST, comfy and fun. I work it too and it has held up well. Good luck-yo
  4. yophilly

    so who's valves are everyone buying now?

    Is it still true to NOT lap the valves with compound, so as to not remove a 'coating'?
  5. yophilly

    so who's valves are everyone buying now?

    Stock motor, (pipe and tuner) but will be run HARD by a guy who's likes to wheelie constantly.
  6. Working on a friends 2009 LTZ 400 quad, needs valves and a piston. Who's intake and exhaust valves to you guys like these days? Where do you buy them? I heard kibblewhite has re-designed theirs? Thanks in advance, YO
  7. I would look into snowmobile trailers. I have a 7.5 x 16 flat deck and it works great. You would think it's a monster but it tows great and it's pretty light. YO
  8. yophilly

    What is this pic?

    It's a shift indicator. It tells you when you are in neutral
  9. yophilly

    Bike runs really rough - is it my plug cap?

    Did you throw a new spark plug at it yet?
  10. yophilly

    any foot pegs for sale?

    I have a pair of take-offs for $15.00 if you want 'em. Send me a PM or call the shop 215-708-1036. Dave.
  11. yophilly

    Drz400E vs Yamaha Blaster

    that's hilarious!!!!!!!!
  12. yophilly

    Could a mis-aligned keyway cause hard starting?

    I went right out to the garage and tore into it, battery voltage was 12.55, I jumped across the starter relay...no change... removed the starter and disassembled it. I chucked it up in the vise and ran cables to the loose starter and it spun like mad. Disassembled it and found good spring tension, as well as the brushes being about 3/8". Any ideas? I'm gonna order a brush and spring kit just 'cause they're cheap but I have a feeling I'll still have my problem. Sounds like you guys don't think I have a ignition timing issue.... YO
  13. yophilly

    Could a mis-aligned keyway cause hard starting?

    it cranks slow, like it's working real hard, like when the ignition timing is advanced too far in a car...rut...rut.. like it's fighting the starter It idles well once it's running, no performance problems whatsoever i didn't use a degree wheel to check the cams, I counted the pins in the chain, looked at the position of the lobes, and the paint marks on the cams...all looked good.
  14. yophilly

    Could a mis-aligned keyway cause hard starting?

    sorry, I forgot to mention that i checked cam timing and valve lash...all good...
  15. My '02 's' has had a hard-starting problem for quite a while now. It is a stock bore with hotcams in/out ( no auto decomp), 'e' base gasket, 3x3 and stock carb. It cranks like a car that has the ignition timing advanced too far. I put a kick-start kit on it as well as eddie's super battery. In order to start it, I have to simultaneously push the button while kicking it, and it's still almost impossible. Sometimes when it's hot and i've ridden it alot it will start with the button but it's rare. I tried jumping it with a loose car battery and it fires right up with ease, no problem. The bike is always on a tender 24/7. Once it's running, it runs great...smooth power and all. Recently I rescued a lawn mower that wouldn't run because of a stripped keyway ( someone ran it into a rock) and it got me thinking....could this be the cause of my DRZ hard starting issues? Would it still run if there was a mis-aligned woodruff key? Is there a way to check it without buying a flywheel puller? I assume it would be on the flywheel side because that's the side with the ignition on it....