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  1. I recently installed this kit. I am pleased, it cleaned up the area, getting rid of the cross bar makes everything look and work better. The matt grey goes well with the frame color (if your purple in this area, good luck), and, its probably all in my head, but it seems to make the bike handle better. The mirrors seem to vibe less and all's well with the world. You don't need to mess with the throttle grip (the one that is welded on) since you are moving the whole throttle tube to the new bar.The other grip is easily removed by jamming a long screwdriver full depth and giving it a squirt of electrical contact cleaner, also usefull stuff for reinstalling said grip on new bar.
  2. +1 on the heat retention, like sitting on a platter of baked potatoes, fresh out of the oven, but not as comfortable.
  3. What is that rear brake setup? It's huge.
  4. Now you just need to paint the bike green with some yellow trim.
  5. 750 is the same size, but not Ti (+ 1lb), has a smaller outlet, and is about 2db quieter.